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FMLM Trees Appeal

FMLM is committed to supporting a healthier and sustainable future. As such, in our tenth anniversary year, and to commemorate the retirement of an instrumental figure in our journey as a faculty, Dame Clare Marx, we launch an appeal to plant trees for our and future generations.

The FMLM board of trustees is delighted to launch the appeal with the donation of £2,500. The aim is to plant one and a half hectares of woodland, roughly equivalent to one-member-one-tree at a total cost of £7,500, with your help.

A £5 donation is equivalent to one tree being planted, and we invite our generous members and supporters to make a donation of £5 or more to play a small part in creating a healthier environment for future generations and in recognition of Dame Clare Marx’s contribution as a medical leader and former Chair of FMLM.

"We hope that this campaign serves to highlight two things of great importance to FMLM.

"Firstly, FMLM is committed to supporting a healthier and more sustainable future. Our tenth anniversary serves as a reminder of the need for us to 'lay down roots' along the way in order to leave behind a lasting legacy for future generations. While we should all be doing more, including FMLM, to support the much needed efforts around sustainability, we do hope that this gesture helps in a small but meaningful way to positively shape the future of our environment. 

"Secondly, to mark the retirement and immense contribution to medical leadership made by Dame Clare Marx who, as our second Chair and longstanding board-member, shaped our journey in ways that continue to have a positive impact on our role as a charity and our future ambitions. Her career and achievements within leading positions in some of our most valued institutions, including being first woman President of the British Orthopaedic Association, the first woman President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the first woman to Chair the GMC, stand as testament to her ability to effect compassionate and meaningful change."

Mr Peter Lees MBE, FMLM Chief Executive


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