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Better Training Better Care

In well-led organisations, clinicians at all levels contribute significantly to the effective leadership and management of health care services. This includes supporting the education and training of colleagues at all levels. The evidence indicates that good medical leadership has a positive impact on patients, teams and organisations.

Better Training Better Care


What is it?

Health Education England’s Better Training Better Care (BTBC) programme was commissioned to build on the key recommendations from Sir John Temple’s Time for Training and Professor John Collins’ Foundation for Excellence to improve the quality of training and learning to benefit patient care. Phase one of the programme coordinated 25 pilot projects from NHS trusts in England, nine of which were led by trainees.

Webinar series

FMLM worked closely with Health Education England to promote the outcomes and lessons learnt from the pilot projects to support organisations, teams and doctors with leadership development. We ran a series of interactive webinars in which six pilot projects shared their experiences and a dynamic panel helped to draw out the successes, challenges and lessons learnt - including the different types of leadership required to sustain service changes.

Key learnings

#1 What does good leadership look like?

The essence of true leadership is to be clear about what needs to be changed and why. Watch the webinar | Download key learnings

#2 Building leadership capacity and confidence

Building leadership capacity and confidence often relies on having role models or mentors, someone who can guide and support your career journey and develops you personally and professionally. Download key learnings

#3 Collaborative leadership

Being a collaborative leader means you can engage others in shared values to accomplish a common purpose. Watch the webinar | Download key learnings

#4 Systems leadership and organisational culture

Investing in people is the key; returns on investment are not just seen in project outcomes but also in the development invested in individuals. Watch the webinar | Download key learnings

#5 Innovation in leadership

To be truly innovative you must accept that not everything will be successful initially. Allow for failure and learn from it in a way that will benefit you, the team and the overall vision. Download key learnings

#6 Lessons learnt

A look back at all the lessons learnt throughout the project. Watch the webinar | Download key learnings

“It is very gratifying to read about the positive impact these projects have had on culture and behavioural change for doctors in training, trainers and patients.”

Patrick Mitchell, Director of National Programmes, Health Education England

Key learnings

Read brief summaries of the lessons learnt throughout the webinar series.

Contact us

Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, judith [dot] tweedie [at] fmlm [dot] ac [dot] uk (Dr Judith Tweedie)

or Hee [dot] btbc [at] nhs [dot] net (Health Education England)

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