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Chief Scientific Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme

The Chief Scientific Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme for Healthcare Scientists in England is sponsored by the Chief Scientific Officer of NHS England and NHS Improvement and is managed by FMLM. The scheme has been established to identify and support Healthcare Scientists who present with the clearest potential to develop as clinical leaders of the future.

Chief Scientific Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme


Recruitment update

Applications to the Chief Scientific Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme will open in 2023. Please express your interest using the button on this page, and to be the first to get notified when the scheme will relaunch.

For those looking for development opportunities in 2022/23, please refer to the NHS Regional Clinical Leadership Fellow Scheme. The scheme offers clinicians with the opportunity to work in regional systems, leading improvement projects across clinical pathways for 12 months. 

What is it?

The Chief Scientific Officer's scheme was established in 2021 and provides healthcare scientists with the opportunity to spend 12 months working in a non-clinical role to develop their skills in leadership, management, strategy, project management, and healthcare policy. The inaugural cohort is hosted by the Office of the Chief Scientific Officer in NHS England and NHS Improvement and participate and lead on projects that contribute to national priorities.

Why is this scheme important?

The scheme has been established to:

  • identify and develop healthcare scientists who present with the potential to develop as future leaders
  • support individuals to develop a range of enhanced, non-clinical, skills including leadership and management, policy development, project management, research and analysis and communications required for effective leaders
  • create a cadre of aspiring leaders to champion healthcare science, foster collaborative opportunities and to share learning and ideas both within and across other professions; and
  • to increase clinical leadership capacity and capability within the profession.

"With this scheme, supported by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, we can rise to the emerging challenges of the 21st century by fostering talent and preparing a cadre of capable and motivated healthcare science leaders who can confidently take their seat alongside their healthcare peers at national and local levels."

Professor Dame Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer for England

How it works

The scheme is managed by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management who facilitate a single recruitment process. 

Posts are offered on a less than  full time basis as 0.6FTE opportunities to allow fellows to maintain clinical roles. Successful applicants are seconded from their current employers for the 12-month fellowship which commenced from the beginning of September annually. An annual education programme will support clinical fellow’s leadership development and learning and will run across the fellowship period.

If you are interested in applying for the next cohort in 2023/24, please register your interest here and you will be notifed as soon as it is launched for recruitment.

Meet the 2021/22 cohort

Find out who they are and what drives them to help create a better health service.

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