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Dr Daljit Hothi

Director of Leadership Development & FMLM Applied

Dr Daljit Hothi (Dal) is a consultant paediatric nephrologist and Associate Medical Director in Wellbeing, Leadership and Improvement at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust. She has spent 10 years training in Quality Improvement (QI) and has led local, regional and national projects, as well as designing and delivering QI training programmes.

Dal has spent eight years in leadership development for clinical staff. Over the past five years she has been drawn into the area of wellness, wellbeing and resilience. These decisions have ultimately led her into coaching, which has given her the opportunity to blend her interests and redirect her energy to ensuring healthcare staff, as well as her patients, fulfil their potential.

Dal is a Senior FMLM Fellow.

t: 020 8051 2060
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