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Dr Dimple Devadas


Currently studying, MA Psychology Coaching Degree programme, Mentanoia Institute in Busienss and London South Bank University, UK; Diploma in Hypnotheraphy, Academy of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis, 2012; Trainer and Consultant in Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP University, USA, 2011; Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, PPD Learning, UK, 2011; MRCGP, Royal College of Genreal Practitioners, 2015; MRCPCH, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, 2007. 

About me 

I am a GP, Psychology Coach, Coaching Trainer.

As a doctor myself, I am well aware of the challenges, demands and pressures doctors and Health Professionals face.  I have coached and delivered coaching training to doctors/other health professionals at various levels and sectors as well a range of other individuals in a huge variety of sectors.  Over the last two decades, I have worked within the Health Sector in broad range of settings from Community / Primary Care to Secondary and Tertiary Hospitals. I have worked within and have experience in Strategy, Leadership, Operations, Policy review, Business Transformation, Quality Improvement, Audits, Project and Programme Management both as a Clinician and as a Management Consultant within Hospitals, Primary Care Trusts, the Strategic Health Authority as well as Third Sector Organisations.

Having done many courses in Coaching and seen just how powerful it was for personal, organisational and social transformation, I decided to pursue a Masters Degree in Psychological Coaching at University.  My Psychological Coaching training approach provides the opportunity for a much deeper level of personal, professional and social transformation and development for a more resourceful and expansive self and society

 Which region of the UK would you be willing to coach? All regions of the UK 

How will you be willing to coach? Face to Face (for individuals in London/Essex), Skype and via Telephone for all other UK regions. 

Who will you be willing to coach? Individuals and teams

For what medical career stages are you willing to coach? Medical Students, Doctors in Training, Staff and Associate specialists, Consultants, GPs and Medical Leaders. 

Coaching Process

I believe that Coaches are “partnering relational” agents of developmental change & well being, spreading the coaching ethos and culture throughout society for personal and social impact and change.   Work from relational turn research, places the coaching relationship at the centre of my model. This research links the mediating effect of this relationship on general self-efficacy - defined as a person’s belief of being capable of accomplishing a given task, on coaching outcome.

My approach is an Integrative Relational Psychology Coaching approach. This harnesses the theories, frameworks, tools and techniques from the various Psychological schools; Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive-Behavioural to Systems & Constellations theory/Field Theory and Network discourse approaches but also includes meta theories and disciplines such as Hypnotherapy, Somatic Coaching, Mindfulness, Neurolinguistic programming and many others.                         

I adopt a developmental stance with a focus on the individual within a system and network. I am actively leading and conducting research within Coaching in the Health Sector. My work has been presented at conferences and been published papers in peer-reviewed journals, websites and publications. I am particularly interested in innovative and creative projects, which potentially challenges the status quo. Recent projects include: “Sweet Inspiration”, a 2012 Olympic Legacy project combining NLP Coaching and Photography; inspired by my role as a Doctor in the Olympic and Paralympic teams, “Street Doctor, Street Coaching” – taking Health Coaching into the streets of London and “BackHer” – combining creative coaching and various art forms for personal and social impact.

What can I offer you? 

I view Coaching as both a co-created relationship of inter-subjective realities and a deeply interpersonal process of relating. From this relationship/process, meaning, learning, relating and change can occur. Knowledge can emerge based on a four level epistemology - Experiential Presentational, Propositional, Practical. The dyad has qualities of collaboration, empathy, respect, trust, commitment, in support of/facilitating self-directed learning, self-regulation, self-efficacy, awareness, change and development. The on-going relationship itself can be reflected on, reflected about and reflected in, becoming the focus, container and instrument. Within its crucible challenges/unformulated experience can be explored, tensions, organismic dialect, uncertainty, ambiguity, cognitive dissonance held with the emergence of predictable/unpredictable outcomes along with the novel. It is a safe space where awareness can bring awakening, illuminate patterns, goals, purpose, beliefs and values refined and experimenting with new relational patterns can begin.  My process of coaching acknowledges both conscious/unconscious elements, implicit and explicit knowing, and has incredible range from the emergent/inter-subjective part of the continuum to the tool based and structured end.

The process begins from an understanding of the “person of the coachee”, within the context of the issues/resources and systems and network forces. At the same time the process is establishing the relationship via a dialogic, non-linear, participatory, embodiment with a mutuality of reciprocal influence and interdependencies.

In my view Coaching has the potential to accommodate and negotiate the tensions between the need for certainty and the desire for creative uncertainty; providing the space for growth, expansion and deep developmental transformation.


t: 07968 596805
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