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Poster presentations

Many thanks for all the fantastic entries to the poster competition, we were really impressed (but not surporised!) by the standards produced.

Interactive poster presentation sessions featured three presentations from the work submitted to the FMLM Annual Conference 2013 poster competition, followed by a panel discussion with presenters.

Themes addressed included trainee engagement, grassroots leadership, practical innovation, safe patient transfers, effective communication, and clinical handover. 

The winning posters:

  1. Valuable Eyes and Ears: The Milton Keynes Hospital Trainee Survey 2013 - Miranthi Huwae, Duncan Sconce, Sarah Fellows & Xin Hui Chan
  2. Traffic Lights: Putting a Stop to Unsafe Patient Transfers - Jemma Batte & Anita Parbhoo (also selected for oral presentation)
  3. Implementation of a Wireless Communication System Improves Patient Safety in a Large Maternity Unit - Nigel Jenkins et al.

Oral Presentations - most interesting abstracts

  1. The Challenge of Creating Effective Feedback Mechanisms for Junior Doctors - Maia Walsh & Deepa Patel
  2. Grassroots Leads Change in Clinical Handover - Avi Mehra & Christin Henein

Highly Commended - audience vote

  1. Safer Intensive Care Handover - Rachael Grimaldi et al.- Training video and concept well-received by audience
  2. Transforming Culture: Hospitals Must Promote Health - William Do et al.

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