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Tuesday, 28 November 2017
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Westminster experience

24 hours in Whitehall can seriously damage your organisation’s health and future prospects.

The Westminster Experience run by Eden and Partners underlines this fact of life by putting you in the shoes of the Secretary of State for Health and the officials surrounding him.

Events unfold around you which will change your viewpoint forever. Decisions and public statements you must make on key issues will leave you better equipped to deal with the everyday problems that arise in your own organisation. This bespoke simulation, which is tailored to be up-to-the-minute, provides insights and understandings that only the most successful people in government can acquire in the course of a whole career.

The one day course is designed for 14-24 participants. They are encouraged to experiment and discover how they (and others) deal with conflicting pressures and people. This is accomplished in a safe environment where performance is audited and improved with the benefit of one to one coaching from a past Minister who held public office for five years.


  • A deeper understanding of the relationship between politicians and civil servants and how the advent of NHS England and its Board may change this
  • An increased knowledge of how political thinking is translated into policy & implemented
  • Demystifying the political cycle
  • An increased understanding of how to influence the political agenda on a national/regional level
  • How to navigate through the political minefield

What you'll get

  • Advantage - people working in the NHS and wider health sector may have little first hand experience of how Government actually works. So, it can be difficult to recognise the competing issues and interests that are constantly vying for ministers’ attention and what leads to policy being developed and implemented. But there is scope to steal a march if you know how to “close the loop” by aligning all the different parts of the system.
  • Developing contacts - the experience teaches senior leaders the value of good networks. But the “prospects” surrounding Parliament must be handled differently. The Westminster Experience does not simply provide a way of introducing people to Government whose organisations they may need to influence; it is a way of learning how (and how not) to deal with them on “live” issues which may unfold in the glare of the hostile press.
  • Personal and career development - it helps people think strategically whilst exhibiting skills in crisis management.
  • New skills and knowledge - the challenges of Whitehall and Westminster are arcane. Michael Foot is reputed to have told his officials “Don’t give me the facts, they only cloud the issues”. The Westminster Experience throws light on such everyday realities. As well as political skills, participants will learn to appreciate how important timing and the use of language can be to Ministers and civil servants.
  • Fun - like Government, which affects everyone’s life, the Westminster Experience has a serious purpose. But it is intended to be a memorable and enjoyable event.

We employ a wide range of real people who are not actors but whose positions are relevant to the experience.

Additional information

£900 per person
Who should attend

Senior consultant, clinical director, medical director, board level, and anyone with a national role who looking towards greater working with ministers and civil servants

  • 28 November 2017


United Kingdom
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