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FMLM Independent Appraisal Service

Medical appraisal is a process of facilitated self-review supported by information gathered from the full scope of a doctor’s work. It is therefore critical that an appraisal considers all elements of the doctor’s practice, and as more clinicians take on leadership and management roles, it is important to ensure that the process of annual appraisal captures both clinical and non-clinical competence and development needs.

To support those doctors with dual roles, or those encompassing a leadership element, FMLM offers an independent appraisal service to provide doctors with protected time to: 

  • reflect on achievements, challenges and lessons learnt; and
  • explore opportunities to improve capability, aspirations and personal development for the year ahead.

The FMLM Appraisal Service is available for FMLM members and is conducted by highly experienced FMLM appraisers, trained and quality assured in appraising those with a leadership and management aspect to their practice. All appraisers are or have been medical professionals and bring a wealth of experience and insight to an appraisal.

FMLM uses the revalidation platform FFARMS with its Fourteen Fish appraisal form to undertake and record appraisals.
The Fees as of 2020/21 have been currently frozen for 2023/24 at:
Annual Appraisal fee - £708.33 + VAT

Next steps

If you would like to discuss, or arrange and independent appraisal with FMLM, please email revalidation [at]

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