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Are you looking for leadership development, but are unsure what you need? Do you feel prepared for the next transition in your leadership journey?

Do you want to record your CPD in one place and export it in various useful formats for appraisal, PDPs, job applications and more?

FMLM Navigator is a mobile and browser app that has been designed to answer those questions in order to give our members the tools they need to succeed in their leadership career.

Navigator is a fully interactive digital platform to enable doctors at all levels to create appropriate personalised pathways in medical leadership and discover the opportunities specific to their career stage. This definitive 'go-to' resource will be the first for medical leadership that will also record evidence of continuing professional development for revalidation.

FMLM Navigator can be accessed through a browser immediately or using one of the download links for mobile devices underneath. Non-members of FMLM can enjoy a seven day free trial before becoming an FMLM member to continue benefitting from Navigator.

Access FMLM Navigator here
or download for mobile using one of the links below

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FMLM Navigator

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