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17 October 2017
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NHS England GP coaching pilot evaluation report

FMLM is delighted to share the evaluation of a coaching pilot recently delivered for NHS England, coaching GPs who were thinking of giving up or had recently returned to practice.

FMLM was contracted by NHS England to provide one-to-one coaching to 50 General Practitioners (GPs) with coaches from the FMLM coaching network. The participating GPs were drawn from a population that was considering leaving or had only recently returned to the profession. The project was set up as a pilot to establish whether one-to-one coaching support would have a positive impact on the desire to quit working as a GP.

The report demonstrates the positive impact of coaching on the participating GPs with individuals overwhelmingly endorsing their coaching experience and valuing the opportunity to reflect and gain personal insight.

The conclusions and recommendations from the evaluation showed that coaching significantly reduced the likelihood of participants deciding to leave the profession and that GPs' self-rated performance was considerably improved at the end of coaching.

FMLM welcomes comments on the report and ideas on possible next steps at primarycare [at] fmlm [dot] ac [dot] uk.


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