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18 September 2018
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Online resource helps trainees take a lead

FMLM is delighted to announce the publication of Leading as a junior doctor, an online toolkit designed specifically to support junior doctors taking a lead and engaging within their organisation.

The primary focus of Leading as a junior doctor is the setting-up and running of effective junior doctor representative groups within hospital trusts. The value of engagement within the medical profession, specifically with junior doctors, has been demonstrated, and the evidence on which this is based is incorporated within this toolkit.

The resource covers a number of areas relating to leadership as a junior doctor, including:

  • How to deal effectively with senior persons within organisations

  • Multiple case studies written by doctors with first-hand experience of setting up and running an effective junior doctor representative group

  • The evidence behind why trust engagement with clinicians, and junior doctors in particular, is important.

The publication of Leading as a junior doctor marks the completion of the first recommendation published within Junior doctor engagement - views from the frontline, which called for the publication, by FMLM, of a toolkit with guidance for junior doctors on how to create and manage junior doctor representative groups within trusts.

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