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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please take time to read the FAQs below.  These will answer the most commonly asked questions about the scheme.

However if you have a question that is not answered below please email clinicalfellowscheme [at] fmlm [dot] ac [dot] uk.  Due to the large volume of requests received, we will only respond to specific queries not covered by the information already provided.





Host organisations

Employment, contracts and expenses



I am approaching or just past my CCT date – am I still eligible to apply?
The scheme is open to doctors in training who have completed both years of foundation training by 1 September of the year the fellowship commences. Applications from all specialties are welcome. You are eligible to apply providing you have full GMC registration and do not expect to gain CCT around or before 1 September of the year the fellowship commences. Candidates who have completed their training by 1 September, regardless of the number of years of training they have undergone, are not eligible for this scheme. You must clearly state your expected CCT date on your application. [Back to Top]

I am a GP with only 3 years training.  Do the CCT eligibility criteria still apply to me?
We would encourage GP’s to apply to the scheme. Those at ST1/2 and those at ST3 with an expected CCT completion date around or before 1 September of the year the fellowship commences are eligible to apply. Please note that if successful, an appointment to the scheme during ST1/2 would extend training at the grade they have reached and this would also apply at ST3 to ensure completion of the scheme within the training envelope. [Back to Top]

I am a Foundation Year 1 doctor. Can I apply?
Unfortunately, you are not eligible to apply, as you will not have gained your Foundation competencies (certificate FACD 5.2) before 1 September of the year the fellowship commences. We hope that you do consider applying for the scheme in future years. [Back to Top]

I do not have a medical degree. Can I apply?
Unfortunately this scheme is only open to applicants with a primary medical qualification and full GMC registration. [Back to Top]

I am a dentist, can I apply?
This scheme is only open to applicants with a primary medical qualification, in training and full GMC registration at this time. [Back to Top]

I am in public health, can I can I apply?
This scheme is only open to applicants with a primary medical qualification, in training and full GMC registration at this time. [Back to Top]

I am an SAS doctor, can I apply? 
This scheme is only open to doctors in training, with a primary medical qualification and full GMC registration at this time. [Back to Top]

I am a doctor, but am currently not in a training programme. Am I eligible?
The scheme is open to all doctors in training who have completed both years of foundation training by 1 September of the year the fellowship commences across all specialties. This can include candidates currently out-of-programme, e.g. pursuing a higher degree.

You are eligible providing you have a primary medical qualification, full GMC registration and do not expect to get a CCT on or before 1 September. We ask for candidates to clearly state your GMC number and CCT date on the application.

If successful, doctors will be seconded from their current Trust (or the Trust that would employ you from 1 September). If this is not possible, it is the responsibility of the individual to make every effort to find an alternative arrangement and ensure negotiations with the relevant organisations. In previous years this has ultimately been successful, hence this should not deter you from applying to the scheme. [Back to Top]


I am currently applying for a training post that starts in August. What should I do?
You should continue with that application in parallel to this one. If you are successfully appointed as a clinical fellow, you may find yourself in the difficult position of having to give up the training post. You will then need to contact your Deanery to discuss either resigning from your clinical post, or possibly deferring it under exceptional circumstances. Please be advised that if you are successfully appointed as a Clinical Fellow and you choose to give up a training post, you will have to re-apply the following year. [Back to Top]

I have a clinical training post. Would I have to give this up?
This depends on your stage of training and your deanery regulations. The Gold Guide stipulates that ‘the start of training may only be deferred on statutory grounds e.g. maternity, ill health’ (section 6.20) and that ‘time out-of-programme (OOP) will not normally be agreed until a trainee has been in a training programme for at least one year, unless at the time of appointment deferral of the start of the programme has been agreed e.g. for statutory reasons’ (section 6.66).

Hence trainees entering the first year of core or specialty training may not be permitted to defer their clinical post by their deanery. For successful candidates, this may mean giving up your clinical training post and reapplying in the next round. Those entering higher training posts (e.g. ST3+) may also not be permitted to defer their clinical post by their deanery.

For other grades, depending on your training arrangements, you should arrange to come to this role as an Out-of-Programme Experience (OOPE, or equivalent). Given that many deaneries stipulate 6 months’ notice for OOPE placements, you are advised to start this conversation with your deanery early (i.e. on submitting your application form). [Back to Top]

During the year, can I combine participation on the scheme with my clinical training or can I participate in the scheme on a less than full-time basis?
The scheme is designed as an intensive programme. However, requests for less than full-time/LTFT/less than full time basis will be considered by host organisations on a post by post basis and the decision as to whether or not this could be accommodated will reside with them. While clinical work is not guaranteed, in exceptional cases it may be possible to negotiate to undertake the occasional clinical session with the host organisation. [Back to Top]

Can I count this role towards my training?
In general, no. Most people see this as valuable Out-of-Programme Experience, rather than contributing to clinical training. Depending on your specialty, however, it is possible that you could arrange for all or some of this post to count towards training, but this will probably require prospective Royal College and GMC approval. [Back to Top]

Can international or EEA doctors apply?
The scheme is open to all doctors in training, across all specialties who have full GMC registration and are eligible to work in the UK. [Back to Top]


Can I defer entry to the following year?
We are unable to accept applications for deferred entry to the scheme.  All posts will commence in September of the year the fellowship commences. The scheme has previously been supported by many Deaneries, with successful approval for Out-of-Programme Experience across several specialties and grades of training. Therefore, if you are interested in the scheme you are encouraged to apply this year and defer your current training post. Please bear in mind that if you are a Foundation Year 2 Doctor and depending on your Deanery, you must be willing to give up your training post and re-apply in the next round. [Back to Top]

Can I speak to any of the current Clinical Fellows in person or over the telephone?
Given the number of applicants for this scheme, we are unable to provide contact details for current Clinical Fellows. However, if shortlisted, you will have the opportunity to meet current Clinical Fellows during an information evening in London ahead of your interview, hear about their personal experiences of their placements and the scheme and ask any questions you may have.

If directly contacted via other channels, current Clinical Fellows will not discuss any specifics or provide additional details around the selection process. Please see previous FAQs for details on eligibility. [Back to Top]

Do I need reference forms?
If you are invited to attend an interview, we will require two references to be brought in a sealed envelope to your interview. Reference forms can be downloaded from the FMLM website, please note that references provided in any other form will not be accepted. These references should help to support your CV and application form. Failure to bring references to your interview may results in your application being rejected. [Back to Top]


I am unable to attend either interview dates, is there an alternative?
Due to the nature of the selection process we are unable to offer alternative interview dates or telephone/video interview format. [Back to Top]

What do the interviews entail?
Shortlisted candidates will be advised about the interview stage and dates are outlined in the 'Information Pack' available on the application webpage. We ask all candidates to keep these dates available, but please indicate in your application if there is an interview date you are unable to attend. We will not offer any further information about the format of the interview. [Back to Top]

Host organisations

How will I be selected for a host organisation?
If shortlisted, you will be asked to rank the Host Organisations that you would be prepared to work at prior to the interview. Please note: the Fellowship is designed to provide successful candidates with generic, transferrable skills although some host organisations require candidates to have specific clinical backgrounds. If successfully appointed, there will then be a matching process based on your performance at interview and your ranking preferences. [Back to Top]

How many posts outside London are planned?
The number of posts has not yet been finalised. [Back to Top]

Employment, contracts and expenses

Will I get relocation, daily commuting or travel expenses?
Once in post, work related travel expenses are normally reimbursed by the host organisation. Relocation and daily commuting fees are not usually covered. However employment contracts vary so if appointed you will need to consider your contract and discuss expenses with your host organisation.

Please note that we are unable to reimburse travel and accommodation expenses for interviews. [Back to Top]

Do I need to relocate?
This will depend on your current location and where your Host Organisation is based. It is advised therefore that you rank placements you will be prepared to take, which may mean that you need to relocate.

For example: If you live in Norfolk and you successfully secure a place in a host organisation in Manchester, you should be willing to relocate to Manchester for the duration of the scheme.

We are unable to facilitate movement between offices of the same host organisation. [Back to Top]

Will I have to move between offices in the same organisation?
Some organisations have more than one site/office; this may be both inside and outside of London. You may be expected to travel between sites by your host organisation. [Back to Top]

Got more questions?

Get in touch at clinicalfellowscheme [at] fmlm [dot] ac [dot] uk

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