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History of the National Medical Director's Clinical Fellow Scheme

In 2005 the English Chief Medical Officer established a Clinical Advisor Scheme which was initially open to just one doctor. Over the years it expanded, helping a number of trainee doctors develop their leadership, management and policy skills in a broad variety of projects and placements, ranging from international public health initiatives to local quality improvement projects.

In 2011 the scheme was renamed to reflect it's new sponsor, the NHS Medical Director, and the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, under the guidance of FMLM Founding Director, Peter Lees, took on management of the programme.

Now known as the National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow Scheme, the scheme is supported by Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, and led by FMLM Medical Director, Peter Lees. In 2013, the scheme expanded to include host organisations in the North of England and fellows in the North region are supported by Prof Jacky Hayden.

In 2014, over 50 trainee doctors will have participated in this highly regarded programme. The clinical fellows are placed with a variety of national healthcare organisations (public, private and charitable) involved in education, policy, regulation, provision and professional leadership.

Wales and Scotland have also developed similar schemes.

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