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Clinical Fellow Alumnus Scheme

The Alumnus scheme has been established to support former National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellows and those on the previous CMOs Clinical Advisor Scheme (Cad) to continue their professional leadership and management development and enable them to remain engaged with the wider leadership community. It also offers a powerful resource to meet the growing demand for trainee input into a variety of strategic initiatives.

Clinical Fellow Alumnus Scheme

What is it?

When trainees complete their clinical fellowship schemes and return to their clinical training, there is a pressing need to offer on-going support as they continue to develop their leadership and management skills. Whilst some former fellows have found opportunities to further their experience, many have highlighted the challenge in maintaining effective networks to enable them to remain involved in leadership and management development activities.

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS England Medical Director, and FMLM recognise these needs and strongly support the establishment of the scheme.

How it works

  • Maintains connections between former fellows and CAds
  • Provides a powerful source of opinion and feedback of a talented group of doctors in training
  • Promotes on-going engagement with FMLM, the professional home for medical leadership, to meet the leadership and management development needs of former fellows now and in the future
  • Creates a pool of highly skilled individuals with diverse skill sets, experiences and expertise for the UK healthcare system to draw on.

To be eligible to join the alumnus scheme, doctors must have completed the National Medical Director's Clinical Fellow Scheme or CAd scheme, be a member of FMLM and be in good standing with the General Medical Council.

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