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Leadership development and assessment centres

The healthcare system needs effective medical leaders to ensure the best care is available for and provided to patients.

To achieve this, doctors need access to personal leadership development and support to prepare and succeed as leaders.

Leadership development and assessment centres


What is it?

FMLM's leadership development and assessment centres, in partnership with Silvermaple, aims to provide individuals with an opportunity to benchmark current performance and future potential against peers and take back control of your own career with a personal development plan mapped to your own skills, competencies and aspirations.

What it means for doctors

As a doctor, you can assess your own leadership potential outside of a formal appraisal process. By pursuing an in-depth evaluation of your current capabilities you can decide whether you are ready to take on new challenges or responsibilities, or if you need to build specific skills or experience before you do so.

You will be able to participate in a range of activities tailored to your leadership experience and what you are aiming for, and these will incorporate a variety of assessment and evaluation tools including simulation activities, role plays, a 360 degree tool and a range of psychometrics.

How it works


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Contact us

If you are interested in finding out more, please enquiries [at] fmlm [dot] ac [dot] uk (get in touch.)

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