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Executive search

The healthcare system needs effective medical leaders to ensure the best care is available for and provided to patients.

FMLM's executive search service is aimed at healthcare organisations looking for aspiring and current medical leaders.

Executive search


What is it?

FMLM’s executive search service, in partnership with Hunter Healthcare, aims to support healthcare organisations to find, develop and maximise the potential of their medical leaders.

Value to organisations

Your organisation can gain access to the most comprehensive, intelligent database of aspiring and current medical leaders. Combine this information with the intelligence held on individuals who have participated in an assessment or development centre, and our headhunting service has the intellectual capital to provide a complete executive search, selection and continuing support package for your organisation.

With a strong national and growing international network, our recruitment expertise enables trusts to make an informed decision when making their next placement including understanding how they can appropriately test the strengths and weaknesses of prospective candidates and transition them appropriately into their role.  

How it works

To access FMLM and Hunter Healthcare’s Clinical Search services, please contact rbridger [at] hunter-healthcare [dot] com (Rebecca Bridger), Head of Clinical Search, for an initial conversation or to request a quote for services.

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