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Leadership development and assessment centres

The healthcare system needs effective medical leaders to ensure the best care is available for and provided to patients.

To achieve this, organisations need to maximise the potential of their medical leaders.

Leadership development and assessment centres


What is it?

FMLM's leadership development and assessment centres, in partnership with Silvermaple, aim to provide healthcare leaders with a greater understanding of the medical leadership capability and potential within the organisation.

Value to organisations

Crucial data gain from development and assessment centres can be used to inform succession planning, talent management, workforce planning and staff training and development.

This can also improve healthcare leader’s ability to make more informed recruitment decisions by providing impartial data on the skills gaps within the organisation. With FMLM’s headhunting partner, Hunter Healthcare, the service can provide access to the best candidates in the marketplace to fill those gaps.

How it works

Please contact enquiries [at] talentworksltd [dot] com (Chris Martin from Silvermaple) for further information and to arrange a development or assessment centre in your organisation.

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