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Leadership development programmes

FMLM believes that good medical leadership contributes significantly to improved patient care.

We are committed to leadership development which directly supports teams of medical leaders and aspiring medical leaders to support their organisation and the wider healthcare system to deliver high value care for patients.  

Leadership development programmes


What is it?

Our leadership development programmes are designed to support and develop current and aspiring medical leaders to contribute effectively to their healthcare organisation and the wider system.  

Value to organisations

In a well-led healthcare organisation, the doctors at all levels will contribute significantly to the leadership effort. Levels of team working and medical engagement will be high resulting in continually improving benefits for patients i, ii.

FMLM believes that the most sustainable leadership development:

  • is designed around the local context
  • is highly flexible to respond to emerging needs and the changing external environment
  • is offered to individuals and teams who work together
  • addresses real problems, challenges and issues

How it works

Fundamental to the FMLM approach is a conversation with sponsors to tailor a programme to local needs. Equally, the skills of FMLM facilitators allows modification on and during the ‘delivery’ day to address contemporary issues.

A number of outline programmes is available as a guide to the tools and techniques commonly employed. All programmes are under-pinned by the FMLMs Leadership and management standards for medical professionals.

To find out more about our leadership development programmes and services, please solutions [at] fmlm [dot] ac [dot] uk (get in touch)

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