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Dr Rajeev Gupta

FMLM Coaching and Mentoring Lead



Diploma in Executive and corporate Coaching, Diploma in personal coaching, Certificate in coaching, Bar on EQi – EI self reporting and assessment, MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence objective assessment, NLP Practioner course

About me

I am a consultant paediatrician and qualified professional coach. I have 20 years’ experience of mentoring informally and have 8 years’ experience of structured coaching and mentoring. I have been nominated for award for association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants.

I have done coaching and mentoring of nearly 600 doctors  (coached all grades of doctors from SHOs to consultants and doctors in leadership positions). I have also mentored medical students and other health professionals including managers, and have helped a good number of SAS doctors, particularly International doctors from overseas.

I have special interest in mentoring doctors in difficulty and have mentored over 20 doctors in difficulty including trainees and senior doctors in hospital jobs (and small number of GP). I have mentored doctors on professional issues (including that on career problems/ advancement, personal conflicts, relationship problems, team issues, leadership position, interview skills coaching etc. I have also coached many GPs who have taken role in commissioning, as it was a new challenge.

Although currently a good part of work is on emotional intelligence coaching and leadership coaching, the rest of my work is career coaching including career planning and interview performance, personal breakthrough coaching and mediation coaching.

My background and contribution

I am chief mentor for the British association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) and have designed, developed and trained the mentors who are mentoring other doctors successfully. I am mentoring lead for FMLM Coaching network and thus have been involved in integrating coaching process into FMLM mentoring and coaching programme.

I have successfully done e-coaching through webinars, I run success seminars and goal achievement seminars. I have written a book on Business use of emotional intelligence and use tips and techniques from this for coaching. The book is available on Amazon.

I also deliver business coaching and entrepreneurship coaching due to my experience. I am appointed “Business Mentor” for Virgin Start up through Sir Richard Branson and his team. I listen and guide coachee/ mentees to identify and crystalise the goal. I then take him through steps of how he can progress towards this bypassing barriers.

I do 3Dimensional coaching including classical coaching, NLP and emotional intelligence. This is very powerful and I have found that a mixture of different tools and approaches in different situations used effectively, bring good results. With experience over the past few years, I have had opportunities to practice several methods and I tend to challenge the coachee using my instinctinctive questions. I found this quite helpful for the client. I am trained in neuro-linguistic programming and use it effectively  to get the coahee to the goal.

I use GROW model for usual coaching but also use other models like ACHIEVE , RICH etc but most of the coaching is tailor made to the client need.  I tend to facilitate the creation of a constructive connection between myself and the individual – and this relationship is the basis of the work that we do. I am friendly and approachable and willing to be flexible around organising sessions whenever possible.

I do both phone  and face-to-face coaching. I use email for correspondence/feedback between sessions if requested as some clients find it useful to ‘touch base’ if having sessions on a less frequent basis than other people. I have also developed specialised  WizIQ online coaching platform which incorporates video coaching.

I have done management courses including triple accredited MBA programme  and can give a lot of insight into effective management . I can give the coachee insight into corporate finance, personal development, strategy, entrepreneurship and marketing. I don’t give any advice during the coaching session as that session is to dig the ability out of the coachee, however if the client is keen, I set up session to give detailed guidance subsequently.

I am flexible and get guided by coachee’s needs (use mix and match) . I encourage clients to take responsibility for themselves and their goals, and am keen to hold them accountable as well as challenge them when I think this would help them move past obstacles or where they are sabotaging their success.

I measure my success  by tracking how well the coachee is achieving  his/her goals. I believe that the acid test of my success of coaching is in terms of my coachee  making positive change and a difference in his/her life – this often occurs where their awareness has been raised through reflecting back to them what I am perceiving about what they are telling me and also asking questions which help them to see their behaviour/responses as a choice rather than automatic response.

I help the coahee / mentee to set goals  at the beginning of coaching , and then check at the beginning of subsequent session how he/she is progressing and if there are barriers , do sessions on how to remove barriers and achieve success . During coaching sessions I am continuously responding to feedback – both verbal and non-verbal that guides me whether I am ‘on the right track’. I also would openly ask for feedback from the initial session and thereafter; wanting honest feedback in order to be able to adapt my style/approach accordingly.

After every session I ask coachee to define steps  they will take  to achieve the goal .

I recruit coachee’s emotion to target mile stones in success journey. When they have greater awareness, and therefore recognise they have a choice they can start doing things differently and often more constructively, whereas perhaps before they were acting repeatedly in the same way and becoming frustrated or despondent . Once they change their thinking and behaviours and take steps to achieve their goal(s) they then gain greater satisfaction in their life.

I do reflective note after each coaching session and check what else I could have done to make the coaching session better.

I have a mentor myself who keeps me on track both for skills and push me to breakthrough for better practice. I discuss my feedback with him and evaluate my success. If the feedback stated that they had found particular questions made them think differently and see things from another perspective – that would be one way of measuring success. I particularly look for ‘light bulb’ moments during coaching where they have seen things clearly for the first time or understood a situation/challenge in a new enlightening way.

I stick to the coaching academy standards.

I read and write a lot of articles on coaching and leadership development and do CPD regularly. I have written a chapter on Leadership quality with a 3D Star model which was very much liked by the Editor and publisher. I judge my standards against these proposed.

I attend peer group meeting of coaches regularly and there is reminder of standards and boundaries. Peer mentoring is done live in some sessions with another coach observing and giving feedback. Anonymised complex cases are discussed on periodic basis and there is discussion on various aspects including ethics.

I re-evaluate myself frequently. In terms of the coaching sessions, I discuss ethics and boundaries of coaching with a new client, I also discuss confidentiality, accessibility, commitment, payment, insurance and accreditation etc which makes everything transparent and ethical. I also inform them that I discuss some of the cases with my own coach/ supervisor and the cases are discussed anonymously.

England - North England - Midlands England - London
Face to face, skype, eCoaching
Individuals and teams
Medical students, Doctors in training, Consultants, GPs, Medical leaders
Business Coaching for Yorkshire Businesses and Virgin Start Ups
Emotional Intelligence Coaching
Neuro-linguistic programming
Hypnosis training
Time Line Therapy
Words that Change Mind 
Overseas mentoring experience
Training in Media
Experience in Chairing National Committee of Education of Paediatric Gastroenterology
Experience of Being Chairman of Regional Council of BMA
Experience of Being Chairman of BAPIO Yorkshire
Recipient of Clinical Excellence Award on 9 occasions
Recipient of Outstanding personal Achievement Award
Recipient of Outstanding personal service award
Recipient of Glory of India Award
Recipient of GOLD Award from Chief Executive of NHS  Sir David Nicholson at Richmond House London


"Dr Gupta’s coaching has helped me in streamlining my work and thinking of positive approach, very helpful. I knew what to do but wasn’t able to organise and prioritise. He has friendly approach and simple coaching style." Consultant Psychiatrist

"Dr Gupta has helped clarifying the choices and benefits to me and my family about each choice, I could make the decision with confidence in just one session. He has amazing questioning style and supportive approach." Senior trainee applying for Consultant job

"Rajeev has helped me not only in my work , decision making and confidence building through coaching but also in team building. He has good knowledge of management though his MBA and being consultant in NHS for decades, so I felt privileged of being coached in gentle but discrete way, I couldn’t deviate and had to commit and be accountable for the progress." Senior Manager in NHS

t: 01924 666266
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