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Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow Scheme


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Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow Scheme

What it is

Sponsored by the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer of NHS England and managed by FMLM, the scheme is designed to support and develop pharmacists who present with the clearest potential to develop as clinical leaders of the future.

Established in 2015, the scheme is a highly prestigious and competitive national programme that sees only a small number of pharmacists a year appointed after a rigorous recruitment process.

Webinar - Hear from 2022/23 clinical fellows and alumni members about why you should apply to the scheme:

Who it's for

This scheme is for pharmacists who meet the eligibility requirements specified in the scheme information pack. For information on clinical fellow schemes for other professions, please visit this page of our website

What it offers

Successful pharmacists will spend 12 months working in a leading, national healthcare-affiliated organisation with the most senior leaders in healthcare and will gain a wide range of skills and opportunities including:

  • enhanced skills in leadership and management, policy development, project management, research and stakeholder management
  • supported leadership and personal development
  • the opportunity to lead on key projects which contribute to national healthcare priorities
  • access to professional networks across pharmacy and healthcare at all levels
  • a highly developed understanding of healthcare policy and application
  • the skills to lead positive change
  • enhanced capabilities at developing and working with teams and to support others in developing their own personal insight and effectiveness.

How it works

Candidates may submit an application for a place on the scheme during the recruitment period each year. Shortlisted candidates are interviewed and successful applicants are seconded from their current employer to take up a fellowship role for 12 months, starting 1 September.

Clinical fellows work in an apprenticeship model to the most senior leaders in national NHS and healthcare-related organisations. This offers an unparalleled experience and the opportunity to develop a range of skills including leadership, management, strategy, project management and health policy. Within their host organisations, fellows lead on key projects which contribute to national healthcare priorities around patient safety, medicines optimisation, transfer of care, digitalisation and pharmacy workforce training.

FMLM is proud to work with the following partners who provide outstanding opportunities for clinical fellows:

What do clinical fellows say?

"The fellowship has given me the unique opportunity to collaborate with senior healthcare leaders and actively contribute to pivotal health policy initiatives that hold the power to shape the future of our profession and drive substantial improvements in patient outcomes at scale.”

Chao Wang, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Clinical Fellow Alumni 2022/23

"An unparalleled 12 months of personal and professional development which provided me with endless opportunities to work with and observe senior healthcare leaders, cultivate a network of committed healthcare professionals and experience system wide change.

My fellowship provided me with the opportunity to contribute and lead on a number of national projects, which will help shape our future profession and improve access to timely and appropriate interventions for our patients."

Kieran Reynolds, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Clinical Fellow Alumni 2022/23

"The fellowship year has been the highlight of my career which to date has been in a variety of provider, commissioning and independent contract roles. Involved at the centre of national projects, the skills I have developed are beyond expectation. The 12-month clinical fellow scheme has provided so much beyond healthcare with opportunities to learn how to influence health policies, meet MPs and visit parliament. Beyond the fellowship I hope to grow my network and seek an exciting role at a national level to utilise the skills and insights gained. A truly amazing year."

Shazia Patel, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Clinical Fellow Alumni 2021/22

"A whirlwind of new faces and connections, inspirational stories, golden nuggets of wisdom, thought-provoking conversations, and endless opportunities; the fellowship experience has been a dynamic journey. Working on a variety of national projects at NHS England provided a deeper understanding of healthcare, a chance to contribute to the healthcare landscape and to observe and learn from great leaders. The strategic skills, allowing time for introspection in partnership with extrospection and listening to and engaging with a wide range of views throughout a programme of work are the key skills for me to take forward in my working life and beyond."

Marian Salek, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Clinical Fellow Alumni 2021/22


Applications are now closed for 2024/25 recruitment. Please register your interest here to be notified of the 2025/26 scheme.

Please note that the terms and conditions of the scheme, including eligibility, may be subject to change.

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