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The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management was established by all the UK medical royal colleges and endorsed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges 10 years ago, in recognition of the importance of effective medical and dental leadership and the impact this has on patient care. The aim was to create a body promoting the recruitment and development of doctors and dentists wishing to be actively involved in healthcare leadership, with FMLM becoming the professional home for medical leadership within the UK. The strategy of FMLM has therefore built on this fundamental aim.


The original vision when FMLM was established remains applicable for the strategy for 2022 and the next five years but has been updated to reflect progress achieved since FMLM’s inception.

To champion, influence and develop excellence in medical leadership to drive continuous improvement in health and healthcare.

Overarching strategy

To deliver this vision FMLM has galvanised its main outputs into three areas:

  • The professionalisation of medical leadership
  • Improvement of the quality of leadership through evidence-based research
  • Leadership development.

To deliver FMLM’s current and future strategy it has become increasingly important to work collaboratively and in partnership with key UK institutions. Advice and guidance are sought from across the sector in promoting and enhancing the professionalisation agenda that has enabled FMLM to influence national policy, such as in collaboration with educational bodies across the four nations of the UK and the inclusion of leadership development in specialist training. Many of FMLM’s leadership development programmes are devised collaboratively, for example, with the Leadership Academy for the multi-disciplinary regional clinical fellow scheme.

In addition, FMLM proposes, over the next 5 years, to focus on:

  • Global sustainability and development of an ‘FMLM green agenda’ - Leadership will be crucial to drive forward the complex change programmes required to optimise effect on the health and wellbeing of future generations. As the professional home for medical leadership in the UK, FMLM is seeking to develop its ‘green agenda’ to:
    1. Demonstrate commitment to creating a sustainable environment for health and healthcare
    2. Incorporate ‘green’ philosophy into leadership development programmes, for example with the latest national clinical fellow scheme in collaboration with the NHS Chief Sustainability Officer for England
    3. Create a culture of consideration of sustainability across the membership, with positive influence on the wider healthcare workforce.
  • Health and workforce inequalities – FMLM recognises the need to address evidence of health and workforce inequalities in terms of access and opportunity, outcomes and attainment; leadership is crucial to drive this change and secure improvement for patients and the workforce.
  • Expansion of Membership – Since its inception, FMLM has been a faculty that has supported the leadership of doctors and dentists at all career stages. However, there is a justified case to consider broadening the ‘membership’ of FMLM to include other clinical professionals, as leadership within healthcare is multi-professional and  FMLM Standards are very generic. The expansion of national clinical fellow schemes to include pharmacists as well as doctors and dentists has started to introduce this concept, and the Regional Clinical Fellow Scheme will include participation of all clinical disciplines. In addition, the introduction of a scheme for clinical fellow alumni supports this expansion. Therefore, FMLM  intends to explore the widening of membership , although due recognition of the individual professional bodies would be necessary.

Read the full strategy

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