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Become an FMLM Fellow

FMLM Fellowship is an award, made by an independent panel, that certifies an individual as a healthcare leader of competence and experience, showing adherence to the Leadership and management standards

The awardee is entitled to use post-nominals that vary depending on the level of FMLM Fellowship attained.

Fellowship is available for FMLM members who are GMC or GDC registered and is awarded at three levels:

Collaborative Fellowship

Available at Associate Fellow and Fellow level, Collaborative Fellowship is for effective healthcare leaders at a team level or at a more senior organisational or system level. Applicants will be able to demonstrate their competence in the first two, three or four domains of the Leadership and management standards – self and team, plus organisation and system depending on your level. All candidates should demonstrate consideration of corporate responsibility and system leadership.

Ideal for healthcare colleagues such as pharmacists, nurses and managers. Examples might include graduates of one of our clinical fellow schemes, experienced nurses, operational managers, directors and CEOs. 

Senior Fellowship

For medical leaders who will have made a significant contribution to leadership and management in the health sector and will be able to demonstrate competence in all domains of the Leadership and management standards - self, team, corporate responsibility and system leadership. 

Ideal for established medical leaders with at least two years’ experience at Board or system level, examples might include medical directors, ICB or neighbourhood locality chair, postgraduate deans etc.


For medical members and effective leaders and managers of many teams or a very large team at an organisational level. Applicants will be able to demonstrate their competence in the first three domains of the Leadership and management standards - self, team and, corporate responsibility

Ideal for those responsible for leading a number of teams, a department, functional area or medium sized business, examples might include department heads, leaders of federations of general practices, or the senior partner within a large practice. 

Associate Fellowship

For effective medical and dental leaders at a team level. Applicants will be able to demonstrate their competence in the first two domains of the Leadership and management standards – self and team and demonstrate consideration of corporate responsibility and system leadership.

Ideal for those with an expectation of at least two years’ experience of leading a team(s) in formal or informal role, examples might include experienced trainees, consultants and GP partners etc. 

International Fellowship

FMLM represents a wide group of healthcare leaders, managers and clinicians across international boundaries and offers a starting point for raising the profile and mainstreaming medical leadership within global healthcare.

FMLM International Fellowship is available to those senior individuals who have made exceptional contributions to, and promoted the interests of, medical leadership and management at an international level. 

How to apply

Applications for fellowship must be made online. Please click the 'Apply here' to access the online application portal. 

Full application guidance is available to download on this page, please ensure you read the guidance thoroughly before applying. You may also wish to read tips for applying which you can access on this page.

Please note that the application process for International Fellowship is slightly different so please do get in touch with fellowship [at] upon starting an international application.

Application fee

The application fee for applying for fellowship is:

  • £350 for Fellowship, Senior Fellowship, Collaborative Fellowship and International Fellowship
  • £250 for Associate Fellowship

Payment is made online as part of the application process and invoicing is available.

Candidates may choose to purchase a package of all the necessary elements required for FMLM Fellowship, which represents a saving on buying the individual components.

The packages include FMLM Fellowship, Membership and the FMLM 360 and are available as follows:

  • £550 for Fellowship, Senior Fellowship and International Fellowship application (representing a saving of £132)
  • £400 for Associate Fellowship and Collaborative Fellowship (representing a saving of £114-£216 depending on profession)

Please contact membership [at] to redeem these offers.

Please note applications take approximately 2 to 4 months to process.

Apply here

Apply for Fellowship of FMLM online. You can start, save and return to your application at any time.
Please note: International Fellowship applications have a different process - please contact fellowship [at] for more information.

FMLM Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals

Applicants should refer closely to the FMLM Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals (3rd Edition) before applying for fellowship

Register for a FMLM360

Access the multisource feedback tool and nominate those you are seeking feedback from.

Application FAQs

For questions about applying for fellowship, read our frequently asked questions.

Can't find an answer? Contact us at fellowship [at]


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