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FMLM Fellowship

Are you told you are a role model of great leadership?

Do you feel passionate about communicating these skills to the next generation of staff within your organisation?

We invite you to apply for our FMLM Fellowship Award and join a long line of people who are recognised as continuously demonstrating a high-level of leadership competence, consistent with the FMLM Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals.
Be part of our group of Fellows who feel proud to be a pioneer of great leadership education at all levels.

Is someone you know a pioneer of people-led management within your team?
Have you experienced positive changes that happen in your wider organisation because of this proactive and positive person?

FMLM encourage you to nominate somebody you recognise as a great leader to apply for our Fellowship award.

FMLM Fellowship


 Join our community of FMLM Fellows.

We are always looking for people who are proud to be leadership pioneers to become a part of our group of Fellows, no matter your level of career or size of working team.

Add the Fellowship award to your accolades as a signpost that you are somebody people  can come to for inspiration on your people-led, directional way of working and managing a team.

“Having been a medical leader for many years the FMLM Fellowship provided me with an opportunity to receive formal recognition of the work and outcome from all those years.  This is a public statement of the value of clinical leadership as a career option.” 
Dr Sarah Schofield, Founding Senior Fellow of FMLM

Why certification?

Patients and healthcare systems require the very best leaders. The Francis report on Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust and the Kirkup report on Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust emphasise the importance of setting standards and the professionalisation of leadership in driving the quality of healthcare in which doctors play a significant role.

The ability to benchmark medical leaders against national standards has never been more important given the increasing accountability and responsibility that doctors have with respect to the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery and health advice, as well as safety and quality. Fellowship of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) plays a key role in professionalising medical leadership by accrediting high performing and effective medical leaders against national Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals.

Fellowship is available to FMLM members at five levels:

  • Senior Fellowship
  • Fellowship
  • Associate Fellowship
  • Collaborative Fellowship (non doctors and dentists)
  • International Fellowship (those working abroad not registered with the General Medical Council)

The standalone International Fellowship category is for those doctors and dentists who do not have the national or regional opportunity to have their leadership knowledge recognised as a qualification.
Collaborative Fellowship is designed for healthcare leaders and managers, from any clinical or non-clinical discipline, who are not doctors or dentists.

The application pathway for our Collaborative Fellowship and International Fellowship requires you to contact FMLM to receive your application form. Please get in touch with fellowship [at] to receive an application form.

View our step-by-step application guide and start your application today.

Benefits of fellowship

  • External recognition of a high-level of leadership competence, meeting national standards for medical and dental professional in leadership roles.
  • Supported evidence as a high performing medical leader for career progression, appraisal and revalidation - setting fellows apart from other medical leaders.
  • Use of the nationally recognised post-nominals SFFMLM, FFMLM, AFFMLM, CFFMLM and IFFMLM.
  • Eligibility to stand for representative roles including Chair and Regional Lead (Fellow and Senior Fellow only).
  • Opportunity to join FMLM committees, participate in specialist consultations and events such as panel or chairing roles.
  • Discounted rates for FMLM events, development programmes and conferences including the annual Leaders in Healthcare international conference.
  • Formal certificate of fellowship for portfolio.
  • Invitations to fellows mixers and receptions (NEW).

If you would like to get in touch and speak with previous people who have successfully achieved the Fellowship award, FMLM can make this happen.
Email fellowship [at] or fill out our short contact form and we will get in touch.

You can view the full list of our awarded Fellows here.

Find out more and start your application today

Fill out our short contact form and we will get in touch to support you in your application

Awarded FMLM Fellows

Find out who has been recognised for their leadership and management contribution and competencies

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