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Why join as a GP?

Join us to enjoy a wide range of membership benefits, including:

Our Accredited learning & development programmes

The core of the FMLM values focus on people-led leadership skills at all levels, for individuals, teams and those in roles of management. Our education programmes are suitable for doctors from all backgrounds providing an opportunity to learn from others and in this current world of system-working, this is particularly important. 
However, of course there are dimensions of general practice leadership which are specific and so we also deliver sessions that are especially designed with GPs in mind.
Take a look at our current accredited courses here and filter those aimed at GPs.

FMLM Applied can come to you

Are you enjoying a new career in clinical leadership? 
Are you keen to develop skills that will support you and give you confidence within your role?

Take a look at our Tomorrow’s Strategic Leader programme and complete an application to boost the leadership focus within your career.

Tomorrow's Strategic Leader is an expert-driven leadership development programme that will transform the way you think about leading and about the leadership potential you hold within yourself.

Are you a PCN clinical director

Are you working within a local PCN and seeking a programme that would help you with your leadership strategies?
PCN Incubator is an excellent place to pick the brains of other people who have already set up successful primary care networks. It can give protected time and space for your working team to communicate and make steps to work on repetitive issues.

"It has helped us bond as a group, clarify the issues and problems, and develop the leadership skills we need, dealing with things jointly as a group. A very constructive 6 sessions which have made me think outside the box" PCN Co-Director.

Alongside these programmes, our team at FMLM Applied can provide interactive workshops, networking opportunities as well as presentations and education sessions
We can deliver specialised GP learning days which will not only boost learning but also support bonding and awareness within your practice team.
The result is a confident, communicative practice leading to patients who can trust in your team. Happier patients mean healthier outcomes.

Our Coaching and Mentoring platforms

FMLM provides opportunities for individuals to learn about themselves in order to improve their impact and maximise their achievements. 
Fiona Day writes about the difference between coaching and mentoring and how both can strengthen individuals and teams at all levels in their healthcare careers.

I find it easiest to consider coaching and mentoring as using a set of skills existing on a spectrum. Coaching involves more ‘pull’ (the coach pulls the knowledge out from the client using facilitation skills), and mentoring involves more ‘push’ (the mentor pushes knowledge into the client drawn from their own technical knowledge and skill.”   Read the full article here.

Coaching: managing your practice

Our patients may only see GPs in surgery, but there are many more aspects to the running of a practice which can affect the strength of the medical and clinical team.
Our coaching experts can set out a tailored workshop boosting specific skills such as chairing meetings, influencing and inspiring your team and communication development. You may wish to ask for the focus to be on those challenging people skills including managing difficult conversations and negotiating. Read more about the benefits of coaching.

Read about our 'Coaching for GP Leadership Development' scheme and the range of packages available.

Mentoring: you and your development

Within our member mentoring programme, individuals can receive one to one support to reflect on their working style, reshaping their outlook and planning for the future
Would you be interested in gaining alternative perspective for your current or future roles?  We can arrange for you to shadow a person in a different organisation to give you first-hand insight.

Take a look at how mentoring can support you and others today – we are always looking for people who wish to join the programme as a mentor to GP trainees.

"Tim's coaching put the wheels in motion for me to change my life for the better. I went from being unsatisfied with work and life to furthering my professional development, making top contacts in my field, one of which has offered me what I thought was my dream job until an even better professional opportunity came along, which I took. I would recommend Tim to absolutely anyone looking to change their life, professional or otherwise, for the better.” 

Recognition through FMLM Fellowship

Would you like your leadership career to be formally recognised and celebrated?

The FMLM Fellowship is a recognised accreditation attached to a person within the healthcare world who continually strives to shape healthcare for the benefits of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of patients they come into contact with over the many years of their career. The Fellowship accreditation can boost your standing when applying for a step up in your career. It can lend gravitas when gaining influence, perhaps as a speaker at a conference or in taking on a mentor role.
The FMLM Fellowship scheme is equivalent to those provided by Royal college for clinical specialisms.

Career development
via FMLM Navigator

With an ever changing NHS structure, it is not always easy to see a clear career ladder for those interested in GP leadership. 

Do you feel prepared for the next step in your leadership career?
Do you know what development you need to take that next step?  

Navigator is a fully interactive mobile app and is the first of its kind as an individual guide in medical leadership.

  • Create a personalised pathway for your career – both in the short and long term
  • Record your continuing professional development - from conferences and workshops to articles you have read, keep track of your learning in one place.

Download Navigator to your phone to get started.

Navigator can also be accessed via desktop.

Reading and resources.

Are you looking for news, research and opinion about clinical and GP leadership? 

For those small pockets of time – the commute, a ten minute tea break – FMLM has a growing collection of daily news, articles and opinion blogs.
Take a look at our online resources where you can filter dependent on your interests and role.
Our members have exclusive access to BMJ Leader, our leading journal is the go-to database full of research and publications aimed at medical professionals at all stages of their career.

Appraisal and revalidation

Would you like to gain self-awareness of your working style so you can speak confidently at your next appraisal?

The FMLM 360 feedback tool is a tailored questionnaire created to produce a personalised report and overview of your strengths and areas for development. It can be very empowering to have an outside perspective on yourself and can inform your revalidation material and ongoing evolution in your career. It is similar to the FourteenFish programme used by many GP teams.
See an example of the questions and areas covered within FMLM 360.

Join now

Contact: primarycare [at] (Primary Care via email ) @FMLM_UK #GPleaders 

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or comments about joining the FMLM membership community as a GP. membership [at] 

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