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7 October 2022
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Building on past successes - a new CEO for FMLM

By Professor Mayur Lakhani CBE

FMLM Chair and Founding Senior Fellow

FMLM is an internationally recognised and prestigious organisation which spearheads excellence in medical leadership to enable doctors and dentists to transform the quality of patient care and services.

Established for over ten years, a new chief executive will be joining FMLM at a pivotal time in its evolution as we are in year one of our new five-year strategy. This builds on an exciting foundation of over 2,600 engaged UK and international members and fellows, widely adopted professional standards, a strong track-record in providing quality leadership development and support, and a healthy financial position.

The pandemic has clearly demonstrated the importance of effective medical and dental leadership. FMLM is proud to have played a significant role in supporting doctors and dentists of all career stages at a critical time and this work continues to expand by popular demand. This is a clear demonstration of our commitment to improving the quality of patient care through better medical and dental leadership - the FMLM charitable aim.

FMLM’s small, diverse, and agile team is friendly and energetic with a collective focus on high quality service delivery. The current CEO, Mr Peter Lees, was the inaugural CEO of FMLM and instrumental in establishing the organisation. He is now stepping down after 12 years and the appointment of a new CEO is a critical milestone for FMLM. We are incredibly proud of all that FMLM has achieved over the last decade and look forward to working with a new CEO to provide the critical strategic leadership necessary for the next stage of our journey in all four nations of the United Kingdom.

This is an excellent opportunity to join FMLM to build and nurture relationships with our wide range of stakeholders which includes NHS England (and equivalent bodies in the other home countries), the Medical Royal Colleges, Clinical leaders, the Department of Health and Social Care, the General Medical Council (GMC), pharmacists, the independent sector, and academia. 

We are looking for a dynamic, progressive, and future focussed medical leader who has the standing, credibility, experience, and communication skills to undertake this role, which is one of the most important in health and care. The CEO is also the FMLM Responsible Officer, leading the statutory role of FMLM as a designated body for doctors.

If you share our vision to champion, influence and develop excellence in medical and dental leadership to drive improvements and equity in patient care, then please get in touch and we look forward to receiving your application.

For more information and to download the candidate brief, please visit this page. Applications must be received by 7 November.

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