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8 June 2022
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FMLM responds to the Messenger review of health and care leadership

Commenting on the review of health and care leadership by General Sir Gordon Messenger and Dame Linda Pollard, Mr Peter Lees MBE, FMLM Chief Executive, said:

“The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) is pleased to have contributed to the review on several occasions and welcomes the focus on NHS leadership, along with those recommendations which resonate with the critical outputs of FMLM’s strategy to support healthcare leadership across the UK.

“Those critical outputs incorporate the professionalisation of leadership and management, development programmes and resources, and evidenced-based research, which coalesce to underpin the delivery of equality, diversity, and inclusion across healthcare.

“FMLM is also pleased that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has accepted the recommendations in full, including greater development support for healthcare leaders and managers, delivered through consistent leadership and management standards. It is hoped that sufficient resources and investment accompany the Government’s support.

“It is important these standards are aligned with the FMLM Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals (3rd edition, 2021) which were developed in 2015 to provide the benchmark in leadership and management values and behaviours for doctors and dentists. FMLM’s Standards have supported more than 200 experienced medical professionals to become FMLM fellows, are endorsed by the NHS in England and are supporting the growth and development of healthcare professionals and their organisations to embody the very best leadership values and behaviours for patient care.

“Through our work with NHS healthcare organisations across the UK, FMLM has seen first-hand the selflessness, professionalism and resilience of healthcare leaders and their teams, to which General Sir Gordon Messenger refers.

“The critical test for this review is what happens now. FMLM has been clear about the political and institutional support needed to develop the compassionate and inclusive leadership and management sought for healthcare, all of which are embedded in our Standards and are available to all in the profession.”

For further details please contact Yvonne Lloyd, FMLM Head of Communications and Policy on 07551 560643 or yvonne [dot] lloyd [at] fmlm [dot] ac [dot] uk 

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