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The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) is offering the opportunity for three of its trainee members based in the South of England to join the Trainee Steering Group (TSG).

Mentoring is essential for supporting doctors to become independent, capable, critical-thinkers. Develop your mentoring skills with this interactive online course. 3 CPD points.

  • 3hr interactive online course
  • Detailed study of the mentor’s role and skills
  • How to support someone to develop expertise
  • Supporting someone through difficulties and change
  • Ethics of mentoring and maintaining standards

Difficult conversations are common when you work with people who have differing interests, needs or priorities. On this interactive, modular online course we focus on improving your ability to deal with the challenges. We guide you to consider the way you currently approach these situations, introduce you to new ideas and help you clarify how to apply theory to everyday practice.

For more information, visit the Oxford Training website.

This comprehensive, online, modular course is designed to develop the leadership and management skills you require as a 21st century doctor. What needs done and why? How are you meeting the challenges at present and what are the alternatives? What are you doing well and how can you improve? Developed with our tutor faculty’s senior clinicians, we guide you to find your own solutions and how to apply theory to everyday practice.

This highly interactive course which will challenge and stimulate participants to think again, about how to communicate. This one day course focuses upon interactions with colleagues and superiors, whether within small teams or in a larger organisational context.

This one day course for doctors, maps directly to the Medical Leadership Competency Framework which was developed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the NHS Leadership Academy. It is one of a set of three distinct one-day courses from our Medical Leadership and Management category.

The course will explore the system which you work within – past, present and future – identifying the everyday leadership actions which you can take to make a difference.

On the Practical Leadership & Management Course for Doctors we focus on getting things done through the organisation and management of people, projects and resources. The positive implementation of these skills has been shown to have direct positive impacts on patient experience and outcomes, organisation efficiency and on clinicians’ personal satisfaction.

This one day Medical Leadership and Management course from Oxford Medical Training focuses on the leadership and management of people. Expert management consultants will help you identify your personal leadership style plus ways to improve your communication approach.

Join three clinical fellows whilst they discuss why they applied, and what they are doing now with a chance to ask them questions.


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