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FMLM 360

The FMLM 360 degree tool is designed specifically for clinicians, at all career stages.

The tool is based around the behaviours associated with effective leadership and management, as explained in the Leadership and management standards for medical professionals

FMLM 360


What is 360 degree feedback?

This is a tool (often referred to as multi-source feedback) to help individuals understand how others see them and through this to identify their strengths and areas for development. This involves obtaining confidential feedback from line managers, peers, individuals you lead, manage or supervise, external stakeholders and other colleagues. This information gives individuals insight into their own and others’ perceptions of their behaviours and performance.

360 degree feedback should help the individual become more effective as a leader. It can be used in the context of appraisal, but should have a formative and developmental purpose. It should not be used for the purposes of summative assessment of performance.

Why choose the FMLM 360 degree tool?

The FMLM 360 degree tool has been designed for doctors. It is available at four levels - team member, team leader, operational leader and strategic leader. Each level defines the qualities that organisations and the people they serve would expect from leaders operating within them. The FMLM 360 degree feedback tool therefore assists doctors' assessment of this aspect of their professional practice and could usefully be included as additional information within the context of a doctor's annual professional appraisal. The tool is designed to be valid and reliable in the assessment of leadership and management behaviours of doctors, and has not been designed to cover all areas of good medical practice.

What can I use my 360 for?

  • Part of the process of continuing learning and development
  • Evidence of continued professional development
  • Additional information for appraisal, supporting reflection on the leadership and management aspects of a doctor’s scope of practice

What to do after my 360 report is complete?

It can be helpful to discuss your 360 results with an independent professional who can work with you to identify how to make the most of the feedback. If you would like facilitated feedback on your FMLM 360 degree report, why not talk to one of our qualified coaches, who are experienced in delivering 360 feedback and will provide a confidential opportunity to discuss, identify and work on the developmental needs indicated by your feedback. 

For more suggestions on how to make the most of your 360 degree feedback, you can use this guidance.

How much does it cost?

The tool is competitively priced at £72 per person (including VAT).

Add on a coaching session with one of our FMLM coaches to discuss your report and development opportunities for just £200 +VAT. Contact coaching [at] to arrange a coaching session. 


Find out all you need to know about using the FMLM 360.

Contact us

If you have any technical problems during the process, please contact support [at] For any additional questions, contact the 360degreefeedback [at] (FMLM team).

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