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Chief Dental Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme


The Chief Dental Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme for dentists in England is sponsored by the Chief Dental Officer of NHS England and managed by FMLM.

The scheme has been established to fast track and support those dentists who present with the clearest potential to develop as dentistry leaders of the future.

Chief Dental Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme


What is it?

The scheme provides early-career dentists with a unique opportunity to spend 12 months in a national healthcare-affiliated organisation outside of dentistry practice to develop their skills in leadership, management, strategy, project management, and health policy.

What it offers

Clinical fellows have the opportunity to work with senior leaders to fast track their leadership skills and experience in a diverse range of organisations. The participating organisations have the opportunity to be part of a prestigious scheme to develop a growing pool of future dentistry leaders who will go on to shape dentistry in this country.

Applying for the 2018/19 scheme

The 2018/19 scheme will open to applications in February 2018. Full details including eligibility, timeline and application process will be available thereafter.

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