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Time to think, a methodology developed by Nancy Kline, is based on the premise that the quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first, and the quality of our thinking depends on how we are treated when we are thinking. Watch the webinar.

22 May 2015


The final webinar in the Better Training, Better Care Programme (BTBC) looked back at the lessons learnt throughout the project. Dr Nikki Kaanani, GP, Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management QI lead, revisited the previous sessions and summed up the lessons learnt.

21 May 2015


Professor Michael West, senior fellow at The King’s Fund, delivered this year’s Lilly lecture – on Leading cultures that deliver high quality care – to an audience of esteemed guests including royal college presidents, academics, senior doctors, trainees and medical students.

10 May 2015


The moment we stop striving and begin to coast on our good reputation – this is the perilous moment when we settle for “good enough.” And, this is the moment that, at best, change stops and, at worst, we revert back to our old ways. In behavioral change, there are no absolutes. We never achieve perfect patience or generosity, empathy or humility.

05 May 2015


Leaders are rarely recruited to maintain the status quo. When they are it is often a recipe for disaster. Probably the best example of this is the recruitment of David Moyes to follow the hugely successful tenure of Sir Alex Ferguson as manager of the football club Manchester United. Moyes was the continuity candidate, someone in the same image as Ferguson – dour, Scottish, fiercely committed and intense.

04 May 2015


When I hear the phrase “managing up,” I automatically think of the seemingly spineless J. Pierrepont Finch who rises from window washer to president of Worldwide Wicket Company in 'How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying'.

01 May 2015


The webinar looked at ‘Make Every Moment Count’ - a pilot project which sought to address the gap between learning from everyday recognised problems and everyday practice.

01 May 2015


We looked at the role role collaborative leadership played to the success of an innovative project which aimed to improve basic psychiatric training.

30 Apr 2015


Changing behavior involves hard work and it takes time. If you want to be a better leader, a better professional, or just a better person you’ll have to do some work!

07 Apr 2015


The most disappointing and perplexing thing about leadership is that it depends. It depends on circumstances. It depends on other people. It depends on timing.

02 Apr 2015


As Dilbert pointed out (in the best selling management book of all time The Dilbert Principle), our approach to talent management is deeply flawed. Today’s workplace should look more like a jazz band rather than a Dilbert-style bureaucracy that looks more like a dysfunctional marching band.

10 Apr 2015


Leadership is universal and timeless. People have led and thought about leadership since the beginning of time -- from Aristotle to Shakespeare, Sun Tzu to von Clausewitz, from Machiavelli to Jose Mourinho. And yet, it was only in the 1980s that the study of leadership exploded to life. From a theoretical byway it became an intellectual heavy industry with hardly a day passing by without a new theory, treatise or celebration of a leader.

18 Mar 2015


As a 10-year board member of the Peter Drucker Foundation, I had many opportunities to listen to Peter Drucker, the world’s authority on management. During this time, Peter taught me some very important lessons about life and leadership.

One of the greatest lessons he taught me is this: “We spend a lot of time helping leaders learn what to do. We do not spend enough time teaching leaders what to stop. Half of the leaders I have met don’t need to learn what to do. They need to learn what to stop.”

12 Mar 2015


When does yes mean no? A trick question, right?

I am afraid not. This is a real issue for leaders of multi-cultural teams and, every day, there are communication breakdowns occurring across the world as different cultural norms conspire to confuse and confound even the most sensible and experienced leaders.

06 Mar 2015

Contemporary Leadership

Timely wisdom on a timeless topic! FMLM has partnered with Thinkers50, the leading experts on management ideas, to bring our members a series of articles that distill the very latest thinking on a subject that has fascinated mankind for thousands of years.