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12 November 2018
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Leadership opportunities in Northern Ireland

Opportunities to develop leadership skills within Northern Ireland.

ADEPT Clinical Leadership Fellowships

  • ‘Achieve, develop, explore programme for trainees’
  • Provides senior doctors in training an opportunity to take time out of programme for 1 year to work in an apprenticeship model with senior leaders in host organisations in Northern Ireland to develop organisational and leadership skills.

ENGAGE programme

  • Clinical leadership and improvement programme for senior trainees
  • Aims to challenge, develop and support doctors and dentists in their final year of specialty training to ensure that they are prepared to lead effectively so that they can influence, shape and improve the delivery of high quality patient-centred care.

STEP, STEPWest and FirstSTEP programmes

  • Quality improvement and leadership programme
  • Includes online Institute of Health Improvement modules, poster presentation and face to face evening seminars

EQUIP programme

  • Quality improvement programme for GP trainees
  • Follows the RCGP QI curriculum
  • Culminates in presenting at the annual EQUIP QI conference

RQIA Clinical Trainee Associate Programme

  • Novel role supporting RQIA’s hospital inspection teams to better engage with junior doctors
  • Open to ST3+ trainees

Trainee Ambassador Scheme

  • Role promoting connections between trainees, the benefits of training and engagement with NIMDTA
  • 3-monthly support meetings, as well as induction
  • Diverse remit to role


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