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The FMLM Podcast

The FMLM Podcast

Welcome to The FMLM Podcast. Here you can listen to a variety of episodes covering Healthcare Leadership in Action – giving you greater insight into some of the key clinical leadership issues of the moment, and deeper understanding of what good leadership looks like.

Healthcare leaders play a crucial role in improving clinical services, quality of care and supporting healthcare transformation. The NHS long term plan acknowledges the necessity for and development of effective clinical leaders. All professional backgrounds, clinical and non-clinical, require and deserve greater support in developing their leadership competence and confidence. Visible senior clinical leadership enables and ensures the delivery of high-quality patient care. The NHS is facing some of its biggest ever challenges - good clinical leadership has never been more important.

In this podcast series, we will explore the pivotal role of leadership in healthcare and how effective management practices can revolutionize patient care, organizational efficiency and professional growth. We will speak with current and upcoming leaders about navigating leadership in the healthcare space and their experiences with doing so. So if you're a seasoned healthcare executive, a budding clinician or simply somebody passionate about the intersection between leadership and healthcare, we invite you to join us.

Thank you for tuning in and welcome to The FMLM Podcast; Healthcare Leadership in Action.

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The FMLM Podcast

Episode 1: What is Medical Leadership?

To kick off the series, FMLM's Angus Waite speaks to Dr. Ming-Ka Chan, a Paediatrician and Co-Director of the Office of Leadership Education at Rady Faculty Health Sciences, and Dr. Simon Moralee, a Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Management at the University of Manchester and Director of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme. They discuss the basics of developing leadership skills, what it means to be a medical leader and the perceptions of leadership by different generations and much of the skepticism the term faces.

Episode 2: What is compassionate Leadership?

On Episode 2, Jamie Smyth is joined by compassionate leadership guru Professor Michael West, a Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University and pediatric palliative care specialist and Associate Medical Director for Workforce at Great Ormond Street Hospitals for Children, Dr. Renee McCulloch. Together they'll examine what it means to practice compassionate leadership and how to apply it whilst exploring an evidence base for productivity.


Episode 3: Sustainable Leadership

Jamie Smyth is back again for Episode 3, this time to discuss sustainable leadership. He speaks to Dr. Hugh Montgomery, a Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at University College London, and Dr. Florence Wedmore who is involved in the Chief Sustainability Officer's Clinical Fellow Programme at BMJ and has extensive experience in sustainability initiatives within the healthcare system. This episode is an insight into a more sustainable NHS and climate friendly healthcare.

Episode 4: The Development Conversation

For episode 4, FMLM's Kirsten Armit speaks to Dr. Daljit Hothi, the Director of Leadership Development at FMLM, Dr. Justin Poisson, the Associate Director of education at GOSH Learning Academy and Consultant Radiologist Dr. Keerthini Muthuswamy about how leadership can be developed in the NHS. They discuss the question "What is a developmental conversation, why do we have them and why are they important?". They also explore practical examples of the types of conversations the professionals have had.


Episode 5: Leadership Development

On episode 5 of The FMLM Podcast; Healthcare Leadership in Action, Judy McKimm speaks to Dr. Joseph Lipton, the Lead for Assessment at Anaesthetic Assurance and Development Group, Professor Sue Carr, the Deputy Medical Director at GMC and Dr. Christopher James, an Anaesthetics Registrar and ex-Clinical Fellow, about developing future medical leaders. They pose a series of questions including "Why is leadership development important to you and your trainees?" and "What does leadership development mean to you and how have you been supported to develop your leadership?"

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Episode 6: Vertical and Horizontal Leadership

For episode 6, Kirsten Armit is back to explore vertical and horizontal leadership development with Dr. Yvette Oade, the Regional Medical Director for NHS England, Dr. Daljit Hothi, the Director of Leadership Development at FMLM and Dr. Jamie Smyth, a Public Health Registrar and ex-Clinical Fellow. They explain the concept of vertical and horizontal leadership development and how it applies to leadership development along with examples of their own experiences, how it looks in practice and the benefits of the approach throughout their career.

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