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20 March 2024
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How to reach out to via email someone to purse an opportunity

By Charlotte Caroff

There are no limits to what you can achieve if you set your mind to something, but a mentor/supervisor can be extremely beneficial in helping you achieve a goal. Mentors/supervisors can provide you with invaluable guidance and support based on their own experiences and expertise. You may have a project you would like to get up and running or may be interested in contributing to an established project. Reaching out to people and asking for help or offering assistance may be one of the biggest steps in helping you on your way. Below I have set out guidance on how to reach out to someone via email to purse a professional opportunity. 

1. Subject line

Be clear in setting out your intention, this should summarise what you are hoping to achieve. For example:

  • Request to join project name
  • Interest in contributing to project name
  • Request for assistance regarding project name

2. Introduction

Briefly introduce yourself and your current position. Outline relevant qualifications, experiences or skills that would make you suitable for this project/your proposed project. 

3. Express interest

State why you would like to be involved in the project – be specific if you can. It may be relevant for you to outline your career ambitions or goals if these align with the given project. If you would like to start a new project this is your opportunity to sell your idea, explain why you believe this to be important and what you would like to achieve. 

4. Set out contribution parameters

Outline how you would like to contribute to a project/run your project. If you are asking for guidance, be clear on what support you think you may need. 

5. Provide opportunity for meeting/discussion

Emails allow you to give the recipient a chance to digest the information, however it may be beneficial to suggest a meeting to further discuss projects. 

Do not be disheartened if this approach is not successful, it may take time to find projects/supervisors that are a good fit. Clinical supervisors and education supervisors can be a good place to start and may even be able to sign post you to better fits. Be as prepared in your approach as you can but remember nothing is ever lost by just asking!

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