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Trainee Steering Group

Trainee Steering Group

As well as being tomorrow’s senior leaders, trainees are powerful agents for change today. Their place at the heart of most clinical microsystems and their regular rotation between different providers gives them a unique perspective on the challenges facing services as well as the possible solutions.

FMLM was set up to ensure that excellence in medical leadership drives continuous improvement in health and healthcare in the UK. Half of the FMLM’s total membership is trainees or students. The role of the Trainee Steering Group (TSG) is to help deliver the FMLM vision for trainees. Since its formation, the TSG has established a strong foundation and is now building on early successes to better engage the entire membership. The TSG is a committee of Council and formally reports to them.

The TSG sets directions, aligned with the FMLM strategy, and supports FMLM trainees to deliver great projects locally, across the UK.

For any enquires relating to the Trainee Steering Group please contact tsg [at] fmlm [dot] ac [dot] uk.

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