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Vision, aim and values

FMLM works to promote excellence in leadership on behalf of all doctors in public health, primary and secondary care and at all stages of the medical career from medical student to medical director. 


Our vision is to inspire and promote excellence in medical leadership to drive continuous improvement in health and healthcare in the UK. The original vision when FMLM was established remains applicable for the strategy for 2022 and the next five years but has been updated to reflect progress achieved since FMLM’s inception:

To champion, influence and develop excellence in medical leadership to drive continuous improvement in health and healthcare.

Read the full five year strategy


The aim is to establish our role as the professional home for medical leadership and deliver our obligations with and through a substantial membership base.


Our ethos

We believe in creating a positive organisational culture which leads to good medical leadership and management and vice versa in order to drive forward improved health and healthcare. Our members will define the organisation and their views will be reflected in all aspects of our work. We will represent and reflect the diverse communities in which we work and promote equality of opportunity.

We will adopt an inclusive approach and we will encourage and support participation in leadership from all representative groups and disciplines as we believe leadership occurs at all levels, from student to the most senior leaders. We will show integrity and we will have an honest, open-minded and transparent approach to our work. The organisation will be lean and efficient to maximise the value it offers.


We value our independence and will challenge the status quo to drive innovation and the delivery of excellence in health and healthcare.

We will promote the value of excellent medical leadership and management and we will generate and share evidence and practical experience of how this improves patient outcomes. We will become a respected contributor to policy development by harnessing the support of our diverse membership which crosses all specialties, disciplines and grades.


We will inspire current and aspiring medical leaders and the wider healthcare sector to achieve excellence in patient care. FMLM will define, refine and maintain the standards of excellence in leadership and management for doctors. We will work to ensure these standards are embedded in the education and training of all current and future doctors.

In pursuit of the highest principles and to strengthen our standards, we are committed to a healthy partnership with our parent medical royal colleges and faculties, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, medical schools, deaneries, the General Medical Council and all UK healthcare systems and organisations and peer organisations internationally.

Furthermore, we will promote and support responsible officers in their development and the discharge of their statutory responsibilities with regard to revalidation of medical leaders and managers.

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