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Transform leadership and management provision through FMLM support for medical schools

Good medical leadership at all levels has been demonstrated to correlate with high quality patient care. Supporting the medical students of today to become wise, responsible, and effective leaders of tomorrow has become an important national priority.

The FMLM Medical Leadership and Management Indicative Undergraduate Curriculum aims to prepare today’s undergraduates with the skills needed to lead, and follow, effectively within a clinical setting. Covering themes such as self-awareness, acting with integrity, working effectively with others, managing resources, and improving services, each of the curriculum competencies has been mapped to the GMC’s Outcomes for Graduates.

FMLM membership, improved access to leadership and management opportunities early in the medical career, and the framework of an effective curriculum is being made available by FMLM to those medical schools who wish to invest in this vital component of their students' education.

Medical schools can apply to have their undergraduate medical programmes accredited where the Medical Leadership and Management indicative undergraduate curriculum has been embedded within a programme.

FMLM congratulate the following universities whose medical schools have been awarded FMLM accreditation:

  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Dundee
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Plymouth
  • University of Warwick

Benefits of FMLM Accreditation to medical schools:

  • Providing an external quality assurance that the undergraduate degree meets nationally recognised standards for leadership development
  • Strengthening medical schools and their offer to prospective students
  • Being listed on the FMLM website, accessible to prospective students, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations
  • Being able to use the FMLM accreditation marque for marketing and course materials
  • Supporting your GMC quality assurance submission in meeting leadership outcomes for graduates 

“The FMLM undergraduate leadership curriculum offered a really helpful framework with which to strengthen our existing professionalism programme and support our students to further develop the capabilities they will need to work effectively in the changing and uncertain world of healthcare.  Achieving this accreditation has been a real team effort and has inspired us to reflect on how we can enrich the leadership elements of our curriculum even further in the future.”
Professor Hilary Neve, Associate Head of School and Professor of Medical Education, University of Plymouth Peninsula Medical School

Applicant guidance

Please email enquiries [at] for further information and to arrange a meeting to discuss next steps.

Indicative undergraduate curriculum

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