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FMLM Leadership Commitment for junior doctors

This commitment outlines simple steps that can be taken to improve the exposure of junior doctors, of all grades, to clinical leadership. Such exposure is crucial for junior doctors to develop the necessary leadership skills to safely care for patients and provide effective support for teams, in line with both the NHS Long Term Plan and NHS People Plan.

By signing up to this commitment, employers are recognising the importance and making a commitment to leadership development and acknowledging the role junior doctors play - both now, and as future leaders of the NHS. Furthermore, it demonstrates a recognition that contribution to leadership and management activities is as vital to organisations as the clinical roles junior doctors perform.

The attitude towards leadership and leadership development opportunities delineated in this commitment should be equally accessible to all junior doctors irrespective of their stage of training, training programme, training location or protected characteristics. Where necessary, additional adaptations and provisions should be sought to ensure equality of opportunity.

Download the Leadership Commitment as a PDF.

This page provides access to the principles and guidance underlying the FMLM Leadership Commitment for junior doctors.

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