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Safe space conversations

In these most challenging of times, clinicians face the quadruple challenge of using their clinical skills; applying their leadership skills; looking after colleagues, teams, organisations, the nation; and looking after themselves. The latter is frequently sacrificed in favour of the former.

There will almost certainly be times when even the most seasoned clinician will value the opportunity to talk about their particular challenges, worries and experiences. FMLM is offering a Safe space conversations service to help.
This service will be delivered by FMLM coaches and FMLM Applied Associates. Many are experienced senior clinicians themselves and all are experienced at working with clinicians at all levels of seniority. 

If you would like to talk with your safe space facilitator to help us better understand how to support you ahead of committing to the full package, coaching [at] (then get in touch).

Safe space conversations


"The arrival of the offer of the FMLM safe space conversation in my inbox made me think how little time for reflection I have had in the relentless environment of the pandemic. Being able to take some time to talk confidentially about how it felt to lead in a crisis was hugely helpful.

"For me it was important that the coach from FMLM had such a lot of experience of working with people in NHS leadership roles which meant they understood the landscape and challenges. It really helped me clear my head and get focused again." - Medical director

The Purpose

To provide time out to talk, to gain support, learning and development through a crucial period of heightened demand on you and the healthcare services around you. To bolster your resilience, reinforce your leadership skills and to enhance your effectiveness.

FMLM will facilitate conversations through our ‘PPR’ approach:


  • Providing practical early and sustained support through conversations.
  • Openly discuss challenges and concerns in a safe environment.
  • Share and compare practical plans and strategies.
  • Encourage the sharing of new ways of working and emerging practice.


  • Provide a cathartic confidential space – you talk, we listen.
  • Promote increased personal resilience.
  • Provide psychological support and encourage mental wellbeing.


  • Allow time to reflect on effective leadership behaviours - your own and others.
  • Examine and question your own behaviours under pressure.
  • Share and capture unique insights into leading in complexity and how your (and others’) sense-making plays out.

coaching [at] (Sign-up for our Safe space conversations by contacting) coaching [at]

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