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General Practitioners

Here at FMLM we understand how difficult it can be for GPs to access quality learning and development opportunities. We strive to be the place you can come for ongoing professional development and communication with experts in your field for every stage of your career. 

For those of you in management positions:

Our accredited courses are certified by leading medical bodies. 
Some recent workshops include: Everyday Medical Leadership and the NHS 
Medical Team Communication Skills Online Course for Doctors both hosted by Oxford Medical

Coaching can lend a focused and personalised direction to your leadership approach that can be the adjustment your practice needs. 
Read about our 'Coaching for GP Leadership Development' scheme and the range of packages available.

To those in the first few years of training:

Our “Newly Qualified GP Transition Guide” is one of our FMLM member-exclusive articles.

We aim to inspire, equip and support GPs at all career stages to enable a rewarding career in roles within and beyond general practice. Below you can find opportunities, events and resources tailored for you. Get in touch at applied [at] to find out more.

For everyone:

Career development via FMLM Navigator

Navigator is a fully interactive mobile app and is the first of its kind as an individual guide in medical leadership.

  • Create a personalised pathway for your career – both in the short and long term
  • Record your continuing professional development - from conferences and workshops to articles you have read, keep track of your learning in one place.

Download Navigator to your phone to get started.

Read about the member benefits when joining as a GP

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