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Fellowship FAQ's

Please take time to read the FAQs below.  These will answer the most commonly asked questions about fellowship.


How up to date does my 360 feedback and appraisal need to be?

Appraisals should be complete and signed off or ‘locked’ by the appraiser. Appraisals must have been undertaken within the past 12 months.

360 Degree Feedback needs to be completed within the last three years.

Do I need to do a FMLM 360 or can I supply my own?

For all doctors post-CCT applicants must submit a FMLM 360 report.  For doctors in training and dentists FMLM accepts all professional 360/multi-source feedback reports on the basis that the report includes sufficient review of your leadership and management role/behaviours/interactions.

When can I expect a decision on my application?

The average timeline for processing is 14 weeks. Once we have all the supporting documents and references the application will be sent for assessment, after the panel has reviewed the application and made a decision the application is sent to The Board of Trustees for ratification. 

Please note that processing times can vary and depends on how quickly referees respond, when the next assessment is and when The Board will next meet.

I don't live or work in the UK, can I still apply?

International Fellowship of FMLM is available for all doctors not registered with the General Medical Council and who practice overseas. Contact fellowship [at] for more details.

International Membership of FMLM is also open to all medical professionals and those with an interest in medical leadership and management overseas. 

I'm not a member, can I join?

FMLM Fellowship is only available to FMLM members and you can apply online here. As well as FMLM Fellowship, membership provides access to the following benefits, services and resources:

  • BMJ Leader Journal, the official journal of FMLM and the only UK based journal dedicated to healthcare leadership and management.
  • FMLM Mentoring scheme, an exclusive service available to all career stages to provide personalised guidance on a range of topics. 
  • Discounted entry to events, including annual and regional conferences and education days, 
  • Access to online information and resources, including articles from international leading thinkers, webinars and podcasts, blogs and audiobooks
  • FMLM members directory, providing a list of members where you can search for other members in your region, by career level or by specialty. 
  • Headhunting services provided in partnership with Hunter Clinical to help you find your next leadership role. 

Will I get a post nominal? What will it be?

All successful applicants can use the following post nominals;

Associate Fellowship – AFFMLM

Fellowship – FFMLM

Senior Fellowship – SFFMLM

Collaborative Fellowship - CFFMLM

International Fellowship - IFFMLM

Is this a UK recognised award?

Yes, FMLM promotes excellence in leadership on behalf of all doctors in public health, primary and secondary care, from medical student to medical directors, and for health care providers and advisory organisations across the UK.

Who can act as referee?

Your application must be supported by two senior leaders who are in a position to comment on your leadership and management achievements. At least one referee must be a doctor, registered and in good standing with the GMC; one of the two must be senior to you.

Individuals who are themselves in the process of applying for Founding Senior Fellowship / Founding Fellowship will not be accepted as referees. Applicants may not be referees for each other.

What happens to my fellowship if I discontinue my FMLM membership?

To maintain your fellowship you must continue to pay the annual fellowship fee that will replace your existing membership subscription following your fellowship approval. If you discontinue your FMLM membership you will relinquish your award and fellowship status. Your name will be removed from the published list of fellows and you will no longer be able to use the relevant post-nominal.

Should you wish to re-join FMLM and restore your fellowship award, you are required to pay the reinstatement fee at 50% of the application fee (Associate – £125; Fellowship/Senior Fellowship – £175). Reinstatement is only available within three years of relinquishing your award and you must have continued to be in good standing with the GMC or GDC for the full duration of this period.

See our guidance for the full list of requirements to maintain fellowship.

For any further questions not answered here, please email membership [at] 

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