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Our work and clients

What do our clients say?

We are delighted to see the real difference our development programmes are making to clients. The following feedback came from independent evaluation of our programmes.

Read testimonials from real people who have worked with FMLM Applied to overcome struggles and build practical solutions.  

Programme sponsors

Sponsors were assured by the:

  • Reputable organisation with skilled, respected facilitators that they have engaged for leadership development
  • Value of a bespoke design, tailored to participants in a facilitative approach, with indepth understanding of site-specific issues
  • Complementary team of facilitators who understand tools and experience in practice, are willing to support, challenge and hold participants to account and intended action.

“You have to do this, there is no greater opportunity for jobbing GPs to take time to reflect and develop their personal skills in this torrid time for the NHS.”

Individual participants

Those on FMLM Applied programmes became:

  • Focused, with greater clarity of purpose
  • More confident and self-aware, with the courage to take on leadership roles
  • More creative and innovative in their thinking
  • Better prepared for managing challenging colleagues and difficult conversations
  • Clearer in their understanding of complex NHS structures and systems
  • More connected with their peers
  • Familiar with organisational psychology and leadership approaches.


Teams experienced:

  • More collaborative working: intra- and inter-professionally
  • More actively engaged clinicians in leading and managing
  • Better team-working and improved performance
  • More joined-up, honest and open relationships across teams and networks
  • More medical leaders developed in-house
  • Improvements due to new services and ways of working.

“…interactive workshops which created a working compact within the group for actions and activities which built trust, open communication, an understanding of others issues and a 'delivery mindset'."


Read more about how we can support organisations by creating bespoke programmes that target your specific challenges.

Organisations found:

  • Better medical engagement
  • Fewer medical vacancies
  • Better understanding of individuals’ skills and experience
  • Fewer admissions, improved mortality and other quality and safety indicators
  • More and better integration from GP practices with other services
  • More engagement with leadership roles.

Read real life case studies from our past successes, you may recognise similar issues and targets your organisation are looking to change. 

If you are interested in discussing what an FMLM Applied programme would entail, please fill out this short form and we will get in touch.

How do we support Organisations?

FMLM provides bespoke support to teams and organisations, tailored specifically to meet the unique challenges facing each healthcare organisation.

Read more about how we support you to bring positive change to your organisation.


FMLM Applied pride ourselves on giving people the tools and practical solutions to overcome their specific issues and hurdles.

Read our feedback from people just like you who we have supported.


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