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Clinical Fellow Alumni Programme

FMLM run a portfolio of prestigious, national clinical fellow schemes on behalf of NHS England, for developing clinical leaders:

  • National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow Scheme
  • Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow Scheme
  • Chief Dental Officer’s Clinical Fellow Scheme
  • Chief Sustainability Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme
  • NHS Regional Clinical Leadership Fellow Scheme
  • Chief Scientific Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme
  • Chief Nursing Officer's Senior Nurse Clinical Fellow Scheme

Over 550 exceptional clinicians have passed through the schemes since 2011

Alumni have the unique experience of having worked at the centre of leading national healthcare organisations, having led on a range of projects contributing to national priorities. Alumni have a range of enhanced skills including leadership and management, policy development, project management and research as well as extensive professional networks.

What does the programme offer

The programme forms part of a strategic partnership between FMLM and NHS England to increase clinical leadership capability across healthcare. It aims to create a formal network for fellows to stay connected, while providing access to ongoing leadership development opportunities and creating a multiprofessional talent pool for healthcare systems to engage with.

How can clinical fellow alumni be helpful to the wider healthcare system?

Alumni are a valuable pool of diverse, highly skilled individuals with diverse skill sets, experiences, and expertise for healthcare providers and organisation to draw on. 

Organisations may choose to engage the skills of alumni in a variety of ways including:

  • Short or mid-term leadership roles
  • Projects and research
  • Special interest groups or consultations

Find out more about our alumni, their backgrounds, leadership interest and areas of expertise through the Alumni Directory available on this page.

To find out more about engaging alumni in your work or organisation, navigate to the Alumni Placements section available on this page or email alumni [at]

Alumni directory

Find out more about the 500+ alumni that have passed through clinical fellow schemes since 2011.

Alumni placements

Find out more about engaging alumni for roles, projects and other opportunities.


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