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FMLM Senior Clinical Fellow Scheme

This Senior Clinical Fellow Scheme (SCFS) is sponsored by the National Medical Director of NHS England, and managed by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, the UK professional home for medical leadership.

The vision was to establish an expanding portfolio of diverse clinical leaders that have the confidence and competence to take accountability for advancing outcomes for patients.

The aim of the scheme is to nurture leadership mastery through an apprenticeship approach, designing and coordinating leadership stretch experiences in combination with reflective practice and an advanced leadership development programme. 

FMLM Senior Clinical Fellow Scheme


About the scheme

There are many hallmarks of the clinical fellow schemes (CFS) which, being primarily experiential, expose talented clinicians early in their careers, to the complex challenges of leadership at the highest levels. Evidence indicates that they (and their host organisations) find this experience enlightening and invigorating. Having self-identified as having an interest in leadership, these clinicians are supported by the schemes to transition from their primary identity as a ‘clinician’ to develop and connect with a new identity: ‘leader’.

The SCFS will support clinical fellows to consolidate their identity as a leader, and to expand and grow their leadership ability in different contexts in service of better patient care and experiences. They will further consolidate a broad range of leadership, policy, project and communication skills, whilst leading on programmes of work that will directly contribute to national healthcare priorities.

The scheme is available to FMLM Alumni of the:

  • National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow Scheme
  • Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow Scheme
  • Chief Dental Officer’s Clinical Fellow Scheme
  • Chief Scientific Officer’s Clinical Fellow Scheme
  • Chief Sustainability Officer’s Clinical Fellow Scheme
  • NHSE Regional Clinical Leadership Fellow Scheme

Applications are invited from CFS Alumni who are clinicians in training and in non-training posts (including consultants) and who have graduated those schemes prior to September 2023 with demonstrable examples of having advanced their leadership ability and effectiveness since.


Senior clinical fellows are selected through a recruitment process that reflects those used by NHSE and Affiliated Organisations. Applicants apply for specific placements and are then shortlisted & interviewed by host organisations. An advanced leadership development programme delivered by FMLM seeks to enhance senior clinical fellows’ leadership capabilities and growth. Over the year, senior clinical fellows will gain opportunities for networking with leaders across the UK, in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Host placements

The duration of the placements are for a minimum of 12 months. Posts typically commence from 1 September annually, but this may vary between host organisations. The majority of Senior Clinical Fellows will participate on a part time basis.

Register your interest

Applications have closed for the 2023/24 scheme.

Please register your interest to be notified when applications are invited for 2024/25

Meet the 2023/24 cohort

Find out who they are and what drives them to help create a better health service.

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