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Coaching is an effective method to help individuals and teams to develop and enhance their leadership and management ability.

Through the FMLM coaching network you can access the services of over 20 professionals working across the country and across all career stages.



What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance and become more effective leaders and managers. It is now an established method for the development and ongoing support of leadership capability in the NHS, principally amongst senior managerial leaders. 

What can coaching do for you?

How it works

The FMLM coaching network provides individuals with access to a range of qualified and experienced coaches across the UK. The network helps doctors to develop their leadership and management skills to improve patient outcomes specifically and healthcare services generally.

The coaching network links members with a range of qualified and experienced coaches across the UK. Each network coach will have different qualifications and levels of experience and should be willing to coach doctors regardless of their career stages.

FMLM will support members to make informed decisions about hiring a coach on the network by ensuring information available about the coaches is relevant and up to date.

FMLM members and associates should exercise their own judgement when deciding the suitability and individual ‘fit’ of coaches from the network, when engaging their services. We encourage members to review the information coaches provide and get in touch directly with coaches for further information and to book appointments (contact information will be available in their biographies). 

Find a coach

Take a look at who is on our coaching network and what they have to offer.

A buyer's guide...

If you're thinking of hiring a coach, check out our 'Buyers guide to executive coaching prices' for the key points to consider.

Contact us

Please send any questions or suggestions to our coaching leads, Dr Tim Ojo and Dr Rajeev Gupta at coaching [at] fmlm [dot] ac [dot] uk.


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