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The effective medical leader has a sophisticated knowledge of establishing and leading teams and how to get the best out of them. Equally they know when to lead and when to allow others to take the lead. They are robust defenders of fairness and justice and strive constantly to create an optimal environment for colleagues to give their best in the drive for improved patient care and population health. It is expected that a good leader will guide and mentor team members to enhance their leadership skills and create ongoing sustainability, and where appropriate, support the succession planning process. Demonstration of effective team working is essential for an individual with medical leadership and managerial responsibilities. It creates the culture and environment that promotes inclusion and diversity and helps to eliminate bullying and harassment.

Application for FMLM Fellowship

Team player/leader qualities and skills are crucial to an individual’s effectiveness as a manager or leader. Application of these values and behaviours have a significant impact on the contribution of people in teams, on the working environment and ultimately on patient care. They are applicable at all levels of Fellowship and therefore underpin its assessment, depending on the experience and the level of responsibility of the applicant.

Effective teamwork

An effective medically qualified manager or leader who meets the Standards:

  • Fully participates in multi-disciplinary teams to achieve the best possible outcomes for all those who use and deliver services
  • Understands and promotes equality, inclusion and diversity
  • Understands complexity and the need for inclusive approaches to problem solving
  • Actively seeks from a diverse group opinions and ideas, actively listens, and takes their views onboard in order to deliver the best outcomes for all
  • Encourages and facilitates colleagues to speak up and speak out
  • Attracts and develops talent
  • Coaches individuals to reach their full potential
  • Supports a diverse workforce and understands the value diversity brings to patient care
  • Demonstrates trust and respect for colleagues and is seen as a role model for effective teamworking
  • Empowers and motivates others to deliver, improve and innovate
  • Delegates effectively, sets clear objectives, provides feedback, and holds people to account
  • Actively manages poor performance and behaviour
  • Is supportive, available and approachable
  • Responds quickly and positively when asked for help
  • Celebrates success.

Cross team collaborations

An effective medically qualified manager or leader who meets the Standards:

  • Identifies opportunities for collaboration and partnership, connecting people with diverse perspectives and interests
  • Seeks out new perspectives, ideas and experiences beyond the immediate team and professional area and shares best practice, incorporating this to enhance quality and delivery of services
  • Openly shares networks with colleagues and partners to improve information flow and influencing
  • Connects individuals, teams and organisations for mutual benefit
  • Is aware of different relevant perspectives.
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