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Mrs Alexis Hutson


Diploma in Professional Coach-mentoring, Myers Briggs (MBTI) Step I & II, Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO), Leadership Development Framework (LDF), Nancy Kline Thinking Partnerships.

About me

I have worked with the health sector for 20 years, including board level experience, and have actively taken the lead in developing senior teams to improve performance, locally, regionally and nationally.

Prior to specialising in coaching and mentoring, I was an experienced senior communications and organisational development (OD) specialist with extensive experience of the health sector with executive level experience helping to manage budgets in excess of £350m regionally. I have led teams, headed projects and worked as an individual and team coach.

I have been running my own private practice as a coach and mentor for doctors since 2009. More can be seen here

Coaching process

I deliver a coaching style that is developmental, supportive, safely challenging, accessible and positive. I do not tell my clients what to think or do and believe that their thinking and ideas are the most powerful part of the coaching session. However, I do have a coaching process that helps structure the learning: understanding the context and identifying goals, employing tests and tools to identify the problem (if required), designing a plan of action to get the results needed and review and reflection.

I am trained to use a variety of tools that help clients develop self-awareness and plan for their learning. I have found MBTI, FIRO, and the LDF tools to be particularly useful for medics. I ask all new clients to complete a learning agreement (to ensure expectations are met) and a measuring progress self-assessment sheet. This asks people to rate their level of confidence on subjects such as: leadership & management responsibilities, home / work interface and career development. More can be seen here

What can I offer you?

I work exclusively with Doctors. I coach people who are approaching CCT, new Consultants, GPs in leadership roles, those working part time, Heads of Service, MDs and others considering retirement. Specialties include: Surgery, General Practice, Respiratory, Radiology, Anaesthetics, Psychiatry and Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

Clients typically want to develop non-clinical skills for: leadership & management, career-planning & development, skills & task-management and personal performance. People want to work privately in a one-to-one setting where they can develop their thinking and decisions. They want their learning to be sustainable and focused on their situations and they want to do this independently of their employers or commissioners.

The focus on medical knowledge, clinical competence and practical experience is rightly the main priority in training. However this often does not always give individuals the development of non-clinical leadership and management skills that are performance areas that are vital to doctors. More can be seen here

I always ask clients to complete an evaluation form at the end of the contract. As a member of the EMCC I abide by their code of professional standards and ethics. I attend regular supervision events and sessions by qualified and professional bodies. I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and I abide by their standards to keep records secure and confidential.

Business Partners for 2022/3 include: Academy of Medical Sciences, The Francis Crick Institute, Oxford University, Nottingham University, Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management, The British Society for Immunology, The British Society for Rheumatology, Royal College of General Practitioners, Boston Scientific, European Academy of Neurology and the Royal College of Radiologists.

Which region of the UK would you be willing to coach? East Midlands, London face to face & Anywhere else via zoom

How will you be willing to coach? Face to face, Phone and Zoom

Who will you be willing to coach? Individuals and teams 

For what medical career stages are you willing to coach? Doctors in training, staff and associate specialists, consultants, GPs and medical Leaders.


I had several coaching sessions over about a year with Alexis as part of my development as a leader in a challenged clinical commissioning group. She quickly established an easy rapport but always remained focused on what I needed to get out of my sessions with her and how my development could be measured over time. Checking in with her every so often allowed me to see how far I'd come but also provided new insights and goals. Our conversations often ended up touching upon many subjects beyond leadership but because she is a natural enabler, you find yourself applying some coaching to other areas of your life too. It has been a tremendous positive working with Alexis and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.” GP

“Alexis has used a number of techniques, both formal and objective, and personal and informal, to help me think through how I interact with others at work. This has given me new insights and ideas on how to improve. It has been really helpful to have someone like her to listen 1:1 to me and help me focus on my individual aims.” Hospital Doctor

“I have very much enjoyed working with Alexis as my coach. She is an excellent listener, non-judgmental, and helps to articulate and clarify my ideas and reflect them back to me, pointing out things I might have overlooked. Her style feels very personalised and adapted to my personality and preferences. Helpful summaries allow me not to worry about note -taking at the time but I can concentrate on thinking, yet have an accurate record to refer back to later. These have helped me to realise how far I have come already and keep me on track with future aims and objectives. She has given me useful tips and suggestions to try out as ways to achieve specific objectives. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her, and would recommend her to others.” GP

“Following a difficult time in both my private and personal life, I was advised to seek support from a coach and found Alexis. Despite my reservations about the usefulness of this, I found Alexis extremely  sympathetic about the situation, understanding and supportive. I feel that the work we did together helped enormously in getting back to work and dealing with my particular situation. I would thoroughly recommend professional coaching for doctors who either have difficulties in their professional lives and even doctors who have a particular goals to achieve.” Hospital Doctor

"I continued coaching after the leadership programme as I found Alexis really helpful. She enabled me to clarify my roles and help me see how to develop these roles further. She is able to tailor things to my way of working and enables me to have a better understanding of the issues that arise. Also, when I have had areas of conflict in my roles, she has helped me to see where other people are coming from which has given me more confidence in handling these situations. I found the MBTI really useful and more in depth than other assessments I have done. I would strongly recommend Alexis in whatever role you are in, whether at the start or end of your career path.” GP 

"Alexis has that rare quality of listening not only to the words you are saying but also the nuances. She is able to analyse and effectively summarise. But she does not force her opinion on you; the conclusions you draw are your own. She facilitates the process and it is all the more powerful for that. The solutions are your own and you feel more empowered to make the changes you feel are necessary. She gives you the time and space to introspect, which is something of a luxury for most doctors.”  Hospital Doctor 

“When I started the coaching sessions with Alexis I was recently appointed to a new role. Although I had been a consultant for over a decade I felt that in this new role I was poorly organised, often crisis managing and had no time for longer term planning. The coaching sessions were a really valuable way of improving my performance and happiness with my role. Alexis provided the perfect balance of actively listening, reflecting back my thoughts along with her own insights and then developing achievable goals. I would strongly recommend her coaching, particularly to doctors who are starting a new role or phase in their careers.” Hospital Doctor

“The concept of coaching had been recommended to me prior to the opportunity of working with Alexis. Initially I was uncertain how this would help, but found that the time taken during each session to enter into a reflective, challenging conversation paid dividends in the weeks following each session. Whilst I probably knew what the challenges were before the sessions, I had not taken the opportunity to reflect and do something about it – this time with Alexis provided that impetus. It is sometimes really difficult to find a space in a busy schedule for this1:1 time, but it really is time well spent.” Hospital Doctor

“I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Alexis. I am so much clearer in my mind with regards my professional ambitions, the means to achieve them and the personal sacrifices I am prepared to make for those ambitions. I am already spending more time with my family! It is an excellent opportunity for introspection and taking stock. She gives you the time, space and her undivided attention.” Hospital Doctor

“This is the second set of coaching sessions I have had with Alexis, and they have been incredibly effective. She has developed a great understanding and insight into my personality, and adapts her style to suit me. The effects are subtle, gentle, and barely noticeable at the time, but there is effective challenge, resources to refer to and use, and on review at the end of our sessions together I am amazed by how far I have come. I feel so much more confident and equipped to face the challenges in my work and develop myself and my career.” GP

“Alexis is good at putting me at ease, enabled me to reflect on the qualities I had as a health leader and though our time over many months helped me to grow into a better leader: more focused, with skills learnt through our time plus ability to reflect back for me to understand by style more.” GP

“Working with you has helped to give me clarity, and also the ability to look at things from different perspectives. You have been a fantastic listener, and willing to challenge my beliefs and perceptions. I think picking up the phone to you has been one of the best decisions of my career.” Hospital Doctor.

“You’ve taken me back to who I was, only a better version.” Clinical Academic

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