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Mrs Alexis Hutson

Accredited Coach


Diploma in Professional Coach-mentoring, Myers Briggs (MBTI) Step I & II, Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO), Leadership Development Framework (LDF), Nancy Kline Thinking Partnerships.

Coaching Approach

I deliver a coaching style that is developmental, supportive, safely challenging, accessible and positive.  I encourage my clients to develop their thinking and ideas which I believe is the most powerful part of the coaching session. I also have a coaching process that helps structure the learning: understanding the context and identifying goals, employing tests and tools to identify the problem, designing a plan of action to get the results needed with review.

I am trained to use a variety of tools that help clients develop self-awareness and plan for their learning. MBTI, FIRO, and the LDF tools can be particularly useful for medics. I ask all new clients to complete a learning agreement (to ensure expectations are met) and a measuring progress self-assessment sheet. This asks people to rate their level of confidence on subjects such as: leadership & management responsibilities, home / work interface and career development.

Coaching process

I create the conditions where doctors can explore their ideas, feelings and options in a neutral and safely challenging environment.

What are your three unique selling points that separates you from other coaches?

1. Humanistic approach putting compassion at the centre of the relationship.

2. Established independent practice working exclusively with doctors for over 15 years.

3. Personally worked in the NHS for 9 years at a senior level.

Who will you be willing to coach? Individuals and teams 

For what medical career stages are you willing to coach? Doctors in training, staff and associate specialists, consultants, GPs, Nurses, and other clinical Leaders. 

What are your coaching areas of expertise? Leadership development, resilience, well being, work/life balance, career coaching, transitions and vertical development


“Following a difficult time in both my private and personal life, I was advised to seek support from a coach and found Alexis. Despite my reservations about the usefulness of this, I found Alexis extremely  sympathetic about the situation, understanding and supportive. I feel that the work we did together helped enormously in getting back to work and dealing with my particular situation. I would thoroughly recommend professional coaching for doctors who either have difficulties in their professional lives and even doctors who have a particular goals to achieve.” Hospital Doctor

“The concept of coaching had been recommended to me prior to the opportunity of working with Alexis. Initially I was uncertain how this would help, but found that the time taken during each session to enter into a reflective, challenging conversation paid dividends in the weeks following each session. Whilst I probably knew what the challenges were before the sessions, I had not taken the opportunity to reflect and do something about it – this time with Alexis provided that impetus. It is sometimes really difficult to find a space in a busy schedule for this1:1 time, but it really is time well spent.” Hospital Doctor

“You’ve taken me back to who I was, only a better version.” Clinical Academic

" I have been training with Alexis for nearly 2 years now and it has been a game changer for me in my management and leadership roles in my job as an Hospital Consultant and lead. Alexis is very patient, listens and works with your own experience and then highlights improvements with reflective learning and gives ideas on changes with how you deal with difficult situations and roles. Alexis is very experienced, and she also directs you to some valuable resources for self-improvements, she has always been flexible with date changes due to my work and family commitments. Alexis is very organised in sending a reminder prior to a session and then a detailed session summary within few days for me to reflect and work on the plans that we had discussed during our training sessions. It has honestly been a pleasure to work with Alexis which has helped me progress in my leadership role quickly and I have been appreciated by many of my colleagues for bringing in some important positive changes in the department." 2023

“When I decided I would benefit from some 1:1 coaching it was an easy decision to go with Alexis. She is thoughtful and insightful, and I feel comfortable discussing really difficult topics with her. She really understands the experience of doctors and the complex context of the NHS but also the very unique experience each one of us has as individuals. She has supported me to use a number of tools and frameworks which has helped me to structure my thinking, and to question my assumptions and beliefs about myself, my colleagues and my future career. Conversations with Alexis have stayed with me and helped me reframe challenging situations.  I really value the space she creates, and look forward to continuing to work with her in my quest to thrive not just survive in the NHS!” 2023

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