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Dr David Owen

Accredited Coach


I am a doctor that has developed a special interest in coaching and supervision of doctors and medical teams. I trained with the Centre for Supervision and Team Development between 1998 and 2007. I have a postgraduate certificate in medical education and am a Fellow of the HEA.

About Me

I split my time between working as a holistic family doctor and being a facilitator, coach, medical educator and small team and organizational consultant. I am a responsible officer, appraiser of other responsible officers, supervisor and trainer of supervisors including GP trainers.  Until recently I worked a day a week at the medical school in Southampton where I led on student personal professional development. I am a member of the Wessex deanery tutor group training GP trainers, provide clinical and educational supervision training and work particularly on individual and team resilience and on leadership development. I have offered both individual and team coaching for over 20 years more recently focussing exclusively on Health professionals and their teams. I co edited ‘Clinical Supervision in the Medical Profession: Structured Reflective Practice’.

I am married with 4 grown up children, one of whom is a doctor. I enjoy juggling my interest in sailing and tennis with delightful grandparenting duties and sharing my passion for coaching as a transformative tool. 

Coaching Process

I blend a number of approaches, techniques and models to the needs of each individual or team. These can be one off facilitation of review meetings, helping individuals and teams with particular issues and challenges. I’m very happy to share more details of my approach and experience as part of a preliminary discussion. I work both with short-term interventions and longer-term support.  I invite clients to see challenges as a development opportunity and see interpersonal relationships as key to both success and enjoyment.

I have regular supervision and a network of experienced colleagues I can liaise with when required.

What can I offer you?

Below are some of the things I regularly offer:

Strategic reviews for teams - making time for planning so often squeezed by the priority of delivery.

Individual and team supervision and training.

Team Appraisals - reviewing how clinical and management teams function e.g. clinical directors, senior managers, boards, ward and practice teams.

Change management including working at scale, mergers of teams (services and practices) and developing peer networks.

Facilitating wider staff events to facilitate engagement, feedback, buy in and training needs assessments and development.

One to one coaching of medical directors, CEOs and other key individuals. Based on each individuals’ needs but including leadership development, managing uncertainty, career coaching, organisational resistance and burnout.

Resilience training to include both on site and off site events.

Asked to narrow this down to 3 bullet points that I stand for as a coach I would say:

I facilitate compassionate yet courageous conversations.

I enable significant and at time transformative personal and team development.

I empower individuals and teams to build authentic professional relationships through developing an understanding how an individuals conscious and unconscious behavour and group dynamics always either enhance or block intended outcomes.


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