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Case studies

FMLM Applied has helped many varied types of service solve problems relating to leadership, morale, and staff development.

A selection of anonymised case studies describing real programmes undertaken by FMLM Applied can be downloaded on this page, including those covering CCGs, hospitals, specialist services, and STPs.

We continually review and update our programmes using feedback received from participants and commissioners as well as integrating the latest thinking in leadership and leadership development for individuals, teams, organisations and systems on an ongoing basis.

Our programmes are evaluated through formal surveys and questionnaires at the end of each module or programme. Successful delivery outcomes from our programmes (as reported by participants) are as follows:

  • Participants report a greater understanding of the wider context in which they are operating, particularly local and national strategy and policy. By helping participants understand the big picture, some of the barriers to engagement are reduced
  • Participants describe an enhanced understanding of themselves and others through 360 feedback, coaching sessions and face to face sessions
  • Participants developed a deeper understanding of their influence and confidence in their ability to influence as leaders in their local system both individually and collectively. This raised the ambition around what they could achieve for themselves, their practice and the CCG.
  • Participants applied this influence, ambition and understanding to local opportunities and challenges e.g. designing and implementing new models of care.
  • The programme enabled individual and collective action beyond the programme as participants felt inspired, optimistic, energised, confident and therefore empowered.

If you are interested in discussing what an FMLM Applied programme would entail, please fill out this short form and we will get in touch.

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