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FMLM Conference 2024: Poster Prize Terms and Conditions

  1. A free one-year FMLM membership subscription is provided to the highest rated poster presenter of each theme. This will either be in the form of a free one-year membership if the individual is not a current member or a free renewal subscription for existing members when their membership is next due for renewal.
  2. The highest rated poster from each theme will then be reviewed to determine the overall winning poster of the conference. The prize for overall winner will be a refund of their delegate registration fees.
  3. For winners of the highest rated poster by theme prize, individuals must contact membership [at] within 30 days of the FMLM Conference 2024. Arrangements will then be made for them to apply for membership or for their membership to be renewed free of charge.
  4. The overall winning poster of the FMLM Conference 2024 will be required to contact events [at] within 30 days of the conference to claim their delegate registration fee refund.
  5. Any prizes not claimed during this period may not be honoured.
  6. The free membership cannot be exchanged or transferred to another member or nominated individual.
  7. No refunds or monetary value will be given to individuals against membership fees already paid.
  8. The free membership is valid for one year (12 months) from the agreed date of commencement. At the end of this period, it will be the decision of the individual as to whether they continue as a paid member of FMLM.
  9. Individuals claiming the free membership must adhere to membership eligibility and criteria, including that all members of FMLM should be registered and in good standing with the relevant regulating body.
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