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How you can approach organisations to sign up to the FMLM Trainee Leadership Commitment

1. Know the evidence

The Francis Report and other mounting evidence has demonstrated that distributive leadership in NHS organisations improves patient outcomes. It also improves staff engagement and reduces staff absenteeism. The FMLM Leadership Commitment aims to improve the leadership culture in organisations, and in turn improve both staff and patient experience.

2. Understand the background to the Commitment

The FMLM Leadership Commitment builds on existing work, which has identified that further work is required to improve access to leadership development for junior doctors. The FMLM Trainee Steering Group undertook national surveys and regional focus groups to identify the barriers and enablers towards the leadership development for junior doctors.  From this, we know that, overall, junior doctors believe they lack the required opportunities, feedback and time to develop these skills. The FMLM Leadership Commitment aims to normalise and embedded leadership into the normal working day of junior doctors.

3. Recruit interested junior doctor colleagues

Liaise with other junior doctors in the organisation who have an interest in leadership / representative roles. It is likely, given their roles, that they will be supportive of the principles of the Commitment and may be interested in assisting you approach the organisation and/or support the implementation

For example

  • Chief Registrars (The RCP Chief Registrar Scheme are aware of the Commitment)
  • Clinical Leadership Fellows
  • College representatives / Year representatives
  • BMA LNC Junior Doctors Representative

And/or consider raising this as an agenda item at your hospital’s Junior Doctor Forum or equivalent (where applicable)

4. Identify and approach the Senior Leaders / Influencers

These might include:

  • Medical Directors / Associate Directors
  • Director of Medical Education
  • Medical Education Managers
  • Senior consultant with an interest in leadership development (those who are familiar with FMLM may be particularly suitable – check out the FMLM member directory)

5. Share the success stories

Some hospital trusts have already signed up to the Commitment. Making your organisation aware of other organisations that have signed up may encourage them to get involved.

6. Make sure they know their achievement and engagement will be recognised

In the medium to long term, FMLM aims to award organisations that adopt the Commitment with Bronze / Silver / Gold awards and celebrate success stories at the annual FMLM Leaders in Healthcare conference.

Further advice

If your organisation would like more information on the FMLM Leadership Commitment, please contact the FMLM Trainee Steering Group tsg [at] A member of the Leadership Commitment working group will be happy to get in touch.

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